Stranger Episode 3 Recap

Dong-jae leaves the restaurant angry, and Kim Sa-hyun joins them for dinner. They are both colleagues and knew each other. They talk about their family and other affairs, while Si-mok feel left out in their conversation. When they leave, they give some tasks to Si-mok and Asst.Chief Woo wants Sa-hyun to do a good job. They both leave for smoke, while Si-mok leaves for office. Meanwhile Yeo-jin brings food to her old team at Yongsan Police station. She requests Det. Jang to join the Police Prosecution council. After a long hesitation,he finally agrees ,only if the captian allows him. Yeo-jin … Continue reading Stranger Episode 3 Recap

Stranger Episode 1 Recap

It starts as a foggy night and we see a car going slowly in the road. It’s our lead hero if the series,Hwang si-mok in the driver seat as he listens to the radio. He drives slowly nearby the Tongyeng beach and finds the restriction line is breached. He calls his administrator Mr.Lee and asks him to inform about the incident but he asks him to come soon as the party is about to start. He quietly replies he can’t make it. He was about to drive into the hotel when he hears ambulance going the other way. He follows … Continue reading Stranger Episode 1 Recap

Stranger Season 2

Hello readers!! It has been confirmed Stranger which aired in 2017 is coming in for Season 2. It will be telecast in TVN and worldwide it will be available in Netflix as well. The first season is well paced and it prosecutor and police duo uncovers the mystery behind a simple open and shut murder case. In season 2, both prosecution and police are in the opposing sides and there will be lots of power struggles as both parties wants complete investigation authority. Cho Seung-woo as Hwang si-mok He works at Western Seoul District Public Prosecutor office. He played as … Continue reading Stranger Season 2