Karma is Court Lady

‘Karma has no menu.You get served what you deserve’ Do you want to know how karma gets to a person and you really feel that revenge will always lead to consequences? If you believe the above statement is true then you are a true holder of justice. But if all the people adhere to the law of the country we will be having a strong foundation for the future generation.But what happens if the people in the palace acts accordingly to their own ideals and schemes. Welcome to the world of a scheming, fast paced,political drama ‘Court Lady’ Synopsis Born … Continue reading Karma is Court Lady

Will a Deluxe Taxi help in getting your revenge?

You want to die and when you type the ways of painless dying in internet, you come across a site which will help you in getting revenge to the people who pushed you into this misery. When you contact the revenge service, a deluxe taxi takes you for a ride and you explain their problems to the driver. Rest they will take care of the revenge services for you.. Is the synopsis making you curious..You are reading the story of the new Korean series “Taxi Driver” starring Lee Je-hoon, Esom and Kim Eui-sung. Based on the webtoon The Deluxe Taxi … Continue reading Will a Deluxe Taxi help in getting your revenge?