Stranger Episode 6 Recap

Assembly man rushes and opens the envelope and finds a flash drive. We don’t see what information he found in flash drive. Si-mok has seen the name of the police office(Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police agency) in the envelope of Yeo-jin. He finds intelligence office in third floor. He remembers the information gathered regarding national security and all information goes to Choi Bit. He sits in the car and browses information on the police agency. Dong-jae calls Si-mok and asks why Yeo-jin was curious about their visit to Prison. Si-mok firmly believes the officer who was first at scene of crime … Continue reading Stranger Episode 6 Recap

Lamb Kheema Gravy

Keema is a basically a minced lamb curry, this one uses lamb mince but it can also use other types of minced meat. This is the easiest and quickest recpie and it meeds a handful of ingredients. This dish is a favourite dish of our family. Me and my cousins call this as ‘kothukari kulambhu’ . We can have with idli or poori. This dish is so juicy as the meat is well cooked and the best way to begin your day.The below is the recipe, INGREDIENTS Lamb 500 grams Green Cardamom -2 no’s Clover -4 no’s Bay leaf -1 Sombhu – 1 … Continue reading Lamb Kheema Gravy

My Roommate is a Detective – Episode 1 Recap

“The truth however ugly in itself, is always curious and beautiful to seekers after it” – Agatha Christie My Roommate is a Detective is based on the events happening around 1920’s mid Shanghai . The cast consists of Qiao Chu Sheng(Zhang Yun Long) resourceful police officer, Lu Yao(Hu Yi Tian) consultant detective and Bai You Ning(Xiao Yan)focused reporter. Episode 1 The episode opens up with Lu Yao waking up to the sound of the telephone. A person informs him that policeman are searching for him. Lu Yao didn’t panic but quietly tries to leave the house only to be caught … Continue reading My Roommate is a Detective – Episode 1 Recap