Stranger Episode 10 Recap

Si-mok visits the Prosecutor office and finds the junior Prosecutor did not file a proper documentation for the death of the Prosecutor Park Gwang-su. Dong-jae subordinates points out they gave 3 files on March 14. Si-mok connects the dots and finds that Dong-jae should have brought these files to the Asst.Chief Woo. Si-mok requests Prosecutor Park Gwang-su next of kin contact number. Detective Jang and Yeo-jin visit the shop of Kim Su-hang aunt. They order some fritters and make some small talk with her. Yeo-jin excuses herself of using washroom and tries to find clues in the backyard. She finds … Continue reading Stranger Episode 10 Recap

Stranger Episode 9 Recap

Kim Sa-hyun conveys to Si-mok that Chief Woo is on edge as Dong-jae has gone missing and he also confirms that he did not give any order to dig dirt on Chief Choi. He personally asked him and got confirmation from him.The food arrives and when he is ready to eat, he gets a call from Yeo-jin that the killer has sent a message and he rushes to the station. Meanwhile the young detective checks the comments on the online post and finds the message. The entire police team gather before the bulletin board and discuss what the message meant. … Continue reading Stranger Episode 9 Recap

Stranger Episode 8 Recap

Yeo-jin drops Si-mok back at the place where Dong-jae had gone missing. Yeo-jin calls Chief Choi and confirms that Chief of Dongducheon police station had an alibi and he couldn’t have kidnapped Dong-jae. Si-mok returns back to office and see Sa-hyun working late. He explains he was acquainted to Lee Chang-jun once. Even though they barely knew each other, his death affected him a lot. So he asks if the missing Prosecutor case is tough to handle and asks him to speak out. Si-mok doesn’t say much and he leaves shortly. But he hears a ringing sound in his ears … Continue reading Stranger Episode 8 Recap

Stranger Episode 7 Recap

Won-Chul invites Si-mok for a drink. He asks him not to dig further into the hiring scandal of Assemblyman Nam son as it doesn’t do any good for the people who did not get the job and will affect Chief Woo as well. Si-mok explains he will see to the end of this issue. Won-Chul asks him to stay careful as he will not giving him any help. Ms.Lee thanks the CEO of Sungmoon Daily for supporting her in share holder meeting. It looks like the polls are on favour and she will remain as Chairman and CEO of Hanjo … Continue reading Stranger Episode 7 Recap

Stranger Episode 5 Recap

The episode opens up with the Officer Chang-Yong found about the suicide of Sergeant Song. Chief Choi explains the officer who first found the dead is the niece of the Chief of Dongducheon Police station.(The person who Sergeant Song complained). Chief Choi explains he was demoted and transferred because of assault and she speculate that he may be responsible for transfer of Sergeant Song to police station where his nephew works. This information is new to Intelligence Bureau unless someone made a complain to them from the police station. Yeo-jin explains she is gonna dig further and will be visiting … Continue reading Stranger Episode 5 Recap

Stranger Episode 4 Recap

Si-mok reaches the conference room first and he exchange greetings with Det.Jang, Yeo-jin and Choi-Bit. The other members arrive and they take a group picture together. The police team strongly suggest getting warrants through Prosecution is taking a long time and the suspects are using this to their advantage. Detective Jang is investigating a rental scam and he couldn’t get a warrant for arresting the suspect even though they have provided all the evidence to Prosecution. Si-mok explains the Prosecution decides the warrant based on whether the case can be prosecuted or not. If the police is provided with the … Continue reading Stranger Episode 4 Recap

Stranger Episode 3 Recap

Dong-jae leaves the restaurant angry, and Kim Sa-hyun joins them for dinner. They are both colleagues and knew each other. They talk about their family and other affairs, while Si-mok feel left out in their conversation. When they leave, they give some tasks to Si-mok and Asst.Chief Woo wants Sa-hyun to do a good job. They both leave for smoke, while Si-mok leaves for office. Meanwhile Yeo-jin brings food to her old team at Yongsan Police station. She requests Det. Jang to join the Police Prosecution council. After a long hesitation,he finally agrees ,only if the captian allows him. Yeo-jin … Continue reading Stranger Episode 3 Recap