Karma is Court Lady

‘Karma has no menu.You get served what you deserve’

Do you want to know how karma gets to a person and you really feel that revenge will always lead to consequences?

If you believe the above statement is true then you are a true holder of justice. But if all the people adhere to the law of the country we will be having a strong foundation for the future generation.But what happens if the people in the palace acts accordingly to their own ideals and schemes. Welcome to the world of a scheming, fast paced,political drama ‘Court Lady’


Born into privilege as the son of one of the founding pillars of the Tang Empire, Sheng Chu Mo has never had any desire to do more than enjoy the ease of his own life. With no aspirations, no direction, and no ambition, his life was one of idleness and frivolity but all that changed, the day he first laid eyes on Fu Rou. The daughter of a local merchant, Fu Rou never imagined she would be one to inspire greatness in anyone, but when she meets Sheng Chu Mo for the first time, that’s exactly what happens. Instantly enamored by the far superior Fu Rou, Chu Mo is suddenly aware of his own shortcomings and vows to make himself worthy of Fu Rou’s love. Dedicating himself to his studies, Chu Mo grows in knowledge and maturity, hoping that someday he will be worthy enough to ask for Fu Ruo’s hand in marriage. As time passes, he finds himself following in his father’s footsteps, volunteering to selflessly serve the country by defending the coast against a band of marauding pirates. While Chu Mo’s journey towards greatness sets him down one path, Fu Rou sets out on another. Leaving her family to become a master weaver in the royal palace, she soon finds herself entangled in palace schemes that could put not only herself but her entire family, in danger. Walking paths that don’t often cross, Chu Mo and Fu Rou must rely solely on their wits and skill to overcome the ever-growing number of enemies and obstacles that stand in their way. With so much opposition before them, do these two destined souls have what it takes to save their country and their love?

So wait, what is the story about and how did it all start?

The drama is big in everything, it has nearly big cast, big budget , big character development but it is not so big in romance. When I initially started on this drama, I was pretty much excited about the romance between Fu Rou and Sheng Chumu. Chumu is a spoiled playboy of a valiant general and he falls in love with the daughter of a cloth merchant. To win over the love of female lead, he sits overnight and he becomes a hardworking guy in both pen and sword. The drama should have focused the romance of the lead as the complete story. Instead we get to see, Fu Rou entering the palace and rising her position as matron and the escaping from schemes caused by other people and the clearing her misunderstanding in love life. They tried to push 69 episodes into 55 episodes drama.

We get to see good character development for our other characters. But we have a fair share of deaths in the latter half of the series. It really makes your hear break. Let me give you each character description so that you can understand a bit more before you start watching dramas.


Li Yi Tong as Fu Rou
The drama is centralised around her. She is shown to be witty and stubborn at times. Due to unforeseen circumstances she enters the palace as head of embroidery department. But she ends up getting promoted as matron overseeing other departments in the palace. She always believe in the justice of Tang system and loves Sheng Chumu and stays true to him till the end of the series.

Xu Kai as Sheng Chu Mu

He is our charming male lead in the series who has got good character development and rise in ranks and he is a good general and stay true to his principles. He misunderstands Fu Rou in theiddle of the series but finally reunites with her in the end.

Tan Joan Ci as Li Ke

One of the prince of the emperor and has one side love for Fu Rou. He tries numerous ways to separate Fu Rou and Chu Mu but fails to achieve Fu Rou heart.

Crown Prince and Crown Princess

Other Cast Pictures

This drama is good watch if you wish that Karma will get to other people . The first 30 episodes of the drama is good watch but the latter half is a downhill of the series but I still recommend this drama to watch. Please share your comments and thoughts in this post.

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