Are our College/School/Office crushes like Fish upon the sky?

Ulagathula yevlo ponnunga irundhum na ye Jessi ah luv panna – (Literal meaning: Why did I fall in love with Jessi even there are many women in the world) This dialogue from Vinnaithandi Varuvoya best describes the feeling of crush.

What does the Crush mean? – It is an intense feeling of attraction for somebody or a short-term but extreme feeling of love for someone. But for most of the people it is one sided love which stays up in their heart for a longer period of time.

The series opens up our main lead Pi on the day of Valentines day. He is in braces and spectacles and he did not receive any proposals from anyone in the university. He decides to leave for the day when it starts raining. Pi started to fall for Mueng Nan who shares an umbrella with him and drops at the bus station on Valentine Day. Pi starts following Nan everywhere in the college campus and there begins his journey to his Fish upon the sky.


Fish Upon the Sky


Pi has a crush on one of the hottest students in the Allied Health Sciences Department but since he is not confident enough about his looks, he is helpless. At least until Duen(Pi brother) and his friends help him get a makeover to boost his confidence. When Pi finally has the guts to approach his crush, he meets his love rival, Mork. Mork is the close friend of Mueng Nan and always stays together with him.

Pi tries to surpass Mork in everything to get the attention of Nan but he is not lucky enough to beat him. But Pi is unaware that Mork is trying to court Pi even though he knows about his interest in Nan. So whom does Pi chose in the end , someone who he likes or someone who has a crush on him.



Duean is the elder brother of Pi. He has to take a subject along with the first year student Meen. He lies about his identity and this leads to a misunderstanding with Meen who thinks he is a dental student. This couple story adds a funny element to the drama

So this love story focus on our journey of Pi who tries to come in peace with the feelings . Do you think it is easy to make Nan fall in love with Pi? Check out the series to find out about the cute couple.

Other Information

Country: Thailand
Type: Drama
Episodes: 12
Aired: Apr 9, 2021 – Jun 25, 2021
Aired On: Friday

Snowflake Reviews

One of the good BL series that finished it’s 12 episode run in Thailand. This series has a huge international fan base and fans all badly needed a season 2. I particularly liked the series where it focused only on the lead couple love story and the setting is mainly in the college campus.

There is no family objection and we should assume that both families are understanding in accepting their kids are gay. There are less number of misunderstandings between lead couple but it lacked a character development for Pi. He is shown not to be a confident guy with braces and specs and finally bam in the end of the episode he finds courage to stay with his true love.

Mork likes Pi and how he stays patiently waiting for Pi to make in falll in love with him shows his dedication and responsibility for his only crush. He had good acting skills and he made this series a lovable one.

Duean and Meen couple series is like a short story within the series where a guy with no understanding of love falls in love with a guy with too much of commitments.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts on Fish upon the sky(a.k.a Crush).

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