Secretaries know secrets about their bosses and workplace, what will happen if they become friends and work together?

“This is the secret story of the nameless secretaries“. A short series where a group of secretaries from different fields work together to help innocent people.

Shichinin no Hisho Synopsis

Toto Bank President Ichihara is in a hotel suite romancing his secretary Nana when he suddenly loses consciousness. Four women arrive to perform CPR, but their efforts to save him are in vain. They calmly rid the room of evidence, then ensure the deletion of all records pertaining to the president’s stay. Previously, the president had stipulated that should he die suddenly, his death must be be made to appear as if he had died at home. Keitaro is a former litigation clerk who worked as a political secretary and is now running a ramen restaurant . He ordered the four women to deal with the situation happening in the hotel room. Together restauranteur Keitaro, housekeeper Satsuki and secretaries Chiyo, Nana, Fujiko, Saran and Miwa, form a shadow corps, whose mission it is to help the weak and punish evil-doers. With their combined skills and experience, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Snowflake Reviews
Good short episodes,fast paced series where a group of secretaries pull out a con to get justice for the innocent people. They work in banking, hospital, police, government this covering all the bases and their head is the owner of the ramen restaurant.

One thing I liked about this series, there is no much mystery in each episode. The bad guys are eventually defeated and the good guys win but they were able to give background story for each character. The way they pull the con is interesting and I recommend to watch.

Some still from the series

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