Do you know if you’re virgin till you are 30 years you can read other people mind.?

Hello readers.Welcome to my blog Snowflake Reviews. Today we are gonna talk about the drama In this drama ‘ Cherry Magic! Thirty years of Virginity can make you a Wizard’ .Adachi develops this magic ability in his 30th birthday. He finally realizes his famous co-worker has a crush on him. Will he reciprocate his feelings or will he enjoy this new ability?

Having never had sex in his life, after Kiyoshi Adachi reaches his 30th birthday he becomes a ‘wizard’, he develops an ability to hear the thoughts of other people by touching them. One day, he discovers that his popular co-worker, will is in love with him. While dealing with the awkwardness of being able to hear Kurosawa’s rather forthright feelings towards him, Adachi comes to terms with how much Kurosawa values him and starts to develop reciprocal feelings of his own.

Snowflake Reviews

Honestly, this is the first BL drama we are reviewing in this blog. One of the most beautiful romantic drama which will make you support BL series. This is how the story begins, Kiyoshi Adachi(portrayed by Eiji Akaso) is a normal low key corporate employee  who did not have any romance till 30 years of his life. On his 30th birthday, He starts to hear other people’s thoughts on a single touch.

Kurosawa Yuichi(portrayed by Keita Machida) is the star of the employee in the company. He is surrounded by girls and is quite efficient in his work. He has liked Adachi for a long time and he has kept the feelings for himself until Adachi starts to approach him.

Adachi and Kurosawa love story is like a push and pull relationship. We really do have some cheesy scenes but the romance portrayal is good.

We have another love story between a romance novelist and a dancer.
Masato Tsuge( portrayed by Kodai Asaka)
is Adachi’s friend from college who is a romance novelist. Like Adachi, he reaches his 30s as a virgin and is able to read the minds of people and he owns a call named Udon.

Minato Wataya( portrayed by: Yutaro)
Minato is a deliveryman assigned to Tsuge’s neighborhood. Though wary of Tsuge, he is attached to his cat, Udon, which he had wanted to adopt but couldn’t.

Some Clips from the series

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