Sisyphus: The Myth Episode 2 Review and Recap

The pilot episode made us curious in lots of elements and the secret around Tae-sul. Let’s dive into the recap if we have the answers or will it lead us to lots of questions.

Episode 2 Recap

Tae-sul opens the suitcase and finds his brother belongings inside. He also finds a mobile phone and key to a place. While charging the phone, he gets a call from a person asking if Tae-sun had landed properly. Tae-sul imitates his brother’s voice and says he is safe and he landed near Gimpo. The person on the other side of the call asks the number in his right arm. Tae-sul hesitates for a moment and the other person disconnects the call.

Meanwhile Eddie calls from his home that his house security alarm went off but they couldn’t detect a person in the security camera. They see a threatening message in the wall “Don’t look for your brother, else you’ll die”.

Eddie clears his schedule and asks the guards to be placed near his house as they have no clue about the intruder. Tae-sul thinks the key is clue to his brother whereabouts uses it in all locked area in home but couldn’t figure out. He finds there is film in his brother’s camera and creates a dark room to develop the film. He is shocked to see the photos are the photos from the future and he was in more surprise as he could see he married a person.

Seo-hae has a nightmare in the wedding with Tae-sul where she was shot in the abdomen.

Hwang Hyun-Seung(played by Choi Jung-woo) pays a visit to the owner of the Chinese restaurant asking about the call made by his employer Sun. He is concerned about whether it will damage his reputation but suddenly a group of people enter the building wearing masks.

Meanwhile Sun buys some banana for Seo-hae and asks her to give the lotto number in exchange of helping her call Han Tae-sul. She asks him to accompany him to Busan as Tae-sul will be in trouble if he had opened the suitcase. She also promised him the rest of Lotto number once they reach Busan. He calls his owner to get a day off but the phone keeps on ringing and we see the owner has hanged himself.

The group of thugs give seo-hae and Sun a huge chase but they escape from them. Meanwhile Tae-sul takes the ashes from his brother’s memorial and carries a DNA test. They are unmatched and so his brother may be alive.

He figures out the key will be for a safe in his old house (where he and his brother lived) and asks his bodyguard to drive to the house. He gets a call from a mysterious person asking him to give the key for the safe. He says he knew his brother as they are business partners. We see the men from the immigration office surrounding the house. The person asks him to run as they are ruthless people and may kill if he gets caught.

Tae-sul tries to escape but he is caught by the people and taken to a safehouse. They enquire about the suitcase and ask him to handover it. But he feigns ignorance. He was given a warning and knocked unconscious. When he woke up he is at his house and he runs to his hidden safe and finds the suitcase intact. His bodyguard informs that he was knocked unconscious and was asked to wait for sometime in Tae-sul house.

In the train station both bodyguard and Sun buys ticket for Busan. Tae-sul wanted to attend the conference to see if he can find his brother alive.

Sun says he doesn’t have any money for return ticket. He also explains that he is the breadwinner of the family. Sympathetic to his situation, Seo-hae traces the lotto number and leaves it in his jacket packet while he is away. She leaves in the train leaving him alone.

Review and Comments:

This episode is fast paced and we know that his brother may be alive. So we are not sure why he faked his death 10 years ago. Immigration bureau is kind of like a gangster group with a weird mask. I agree with the jumpsuit but I couldn’t make head or tails with the gas mask they are wearing.

I love how Tae-sun sticks with a camera with a film roll rather than a digital one this showing his liking of old things. While his brother is more futuristic trying to create new inventions. Even though they are polar opposites, they had some good bonding. My fingers are crossed and hope the next week we will get good fast packed episodes.

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