Sisyphus: The Myth Episode 1 Review and Recap

Hello readers, It’s been a long time since I have taken the recap of any series. Since I like both leads of this series and it is highly anticipated show of Park Shin-Hye let me start the recap.

Recap of Episode 1

The series opens up with lots of people are forming a queue to travel to someplace. Their baggage was checked and they have been injected with a code in their arm. A man wakes up  Kang Seo-hae(played by Park Shin-Hye) and he asks her to remember the instructions after she reaches the new place. He asks her not get caught,not to trust anyone and asks her to stay away from Han Tae-sul(played by Cho Seung-woo).

She bids farewell to her father and wakes in a new place. She is bare footed and walks along the train tracks when a group of people wearing masks starts chasing her.

Meanwhile in some other place, we get introduced to our male lead Tae-sul. He is travelling a business class flight and stands up for a flight attendant who is scolded for the worst rameyon. Suddenly the flight loses control when a bird harms the engine of the flight and and another one knocks the captain of the plane unconscious. The plane loses altitude and Tae-sul tries to take control of the plane in the cockpit.

When the flight falls in the low altitude, he gets a call from his fried Eddie Kim(played by Tae In-ho), who is calling from a room full of board members who are angry that Tae-sul is late for the meeting. Tae-sul asks him to call emergency services and records his last will and asks his friend to destroy the research documents as the flight will be crashing in 50 seconds. He finally lands the flight successfully and the reporters celebrate him as he has saved the 261 passengers on the flight.

Tae-sul is resting at home while Eddie  asks him to attend the board meeting and be responsible for the company. He asks him to take therapy and stop mourning for his brother’s death.

We get introduced to Kim Seo-jin(played by Jung Hye-in) who is giving counseling to Tae-sul. She wants him to continue the therapy as she will be sharing the counselling notes and can’t give him a prescription. It looks like she dumped him as he went to Maldives with a idol singer when they were in relationship. She asks about his brother and the last time they met.

Flashback, we see his company ‘Quantum and Time’ getting listed in NASDAQ. Tae-sul is greeting all the people, while his brother Tae-sun interrupts them and explains he saw the people with suitcase. He explains there are people coming for him and he wants to talk with his brother alone. Tae-sul asks him to go home but his brother is so persistent. He pushes his brother out and attends the conference.

While on his way home, we see the co-pilot of the flight standing with wounds all over his body. He gives him a pen drive and explains the flight crash was not because of a bird but he saw a ‘Suitcase’ and runs away. Tae-sul watches the flight recording and sees the crash in the glass is caused by a suitcase and followed by a man. He zooms the screen to find the image to be his brother, Tae-sun.

We get introduced to Chae Jong-hyup as Sun(played by Chae Jong-hyup) working in a Chinese restaurant. Seo-hae meets him and has food in the restaurant. He is eager to watch the lottery number as Seo-hae predicts the winning number and she watches the news of Tae-sul recovery. There was some power flickering and she faints with a nose bleed.

She opens her suitcase and checks its contents and she asks Sun to contact Tae-sul.The call gets connected to a customer service message. She gives a message requesting Tae-sul to runaway as people are approaching him and asks him to never open the suitcase.

Meanwhile, Tae-sul calculates the point of accident and determines the location to be Gimpo. He ditches the executive meeting and travels to the location alone. Little flashback, we see his brother died shortly afterwards he kicked him out of his conference. He regrets to his therapist that he should have introduced his brother proudly and would have behaved differently if that moment is going to their last meet.

He finds a suitcase and with a number lock on it. He remembers the conversation where his brother always kept Tae-sul birthday as the code. He puts the code and the suitcase opens.

Meanwhile the copilot car is rigged by some assassin.He has some documents from the airways and calls the reporter for a meet. When he starts the car, it blasts killing him inside.

Review and Comments:

The pilot episode did a decent job of introducing all the characters and giving a hint about time travel. But the one thing I still couldn’t make it is the suitcase and Why people wanted to kill Tae-sul.

I probably predict that he should have created a time machine or some other invention which would have put the future in the brink of extinction. But does killing Tae-sul change everything. We probably get answers from the future episodes.

Keep reading my blog for future update of this series.Please like, comment and share this post and thanks for all your support.

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