Best Con Artist Series in Korean! Don’t Miss it!!!


Meet Lee Tae Joon a former insurance claims investigator turned scam strategist. Backed by a group of former criminals, they aim to bring to justice fellow thieves, grifters and con-men world-wide, who, otherwise, would not get their due, through the usual legal channels. Those who hide illegal activity behind their reputations and think they are above the law, soon become the target of mastermind Lee Tae Joon and his unusual team of talented experts.

  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Oct 13, 2019 – Dec 8, 2019

My review

I am a huge fan of Con artists and I have watched ‘White collar ‘ and ‘Leverage(English) version and this drama has done a pretty much good job. I liked how they wrapped a entire storyline within 16 episodes and the ending is pretty much good defeating all the bad guys. We have the same crew, Mastermind, Hacker, Hitter, Grifter and Thief.

The only thing they didn’t explore much is the backstory of each character. Lee Tae-joon story is shown and we understand his thirst of revenge for the pharmaceutical company which caused the death of his son. But we are asked to believe other characters as the same since they played their parts well. We little know about Roy who is shown as mercenary in the past. Other than that this series is a pretty good to watch and I seriously recommend if you are a fan of Con artists drama.

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