What will you do if God appears before you? (Mookuthi Amman Movie Review)

Mookuthi Amman  is a 2020 Tamil language fantasy comedy film written and directed by RJ Balaji in his directorial debut. Co-directed by N. J. Saravanan, the film stars Nayanathara and Balaji, with Urvashi Smruthi Venkat, Madhu Mailankody, Abinaya.

Release Date: November 14, 2020

Running Time: 134 minutes


RJ balaji as the eldest son of the family with three younger siblings. His father ran away and his mom Urvashi hides the fear of raising the kids alone uses devotion to God and make sure she runs the family with the help of her father in law. The story sets off with the lower middle class family, where RJ Balaji is struggling news anchor who couldn’t get married of his family history. He is the sole breadwinner of the family as the family mess(a.k.a restaurant ) is closed because his father left home and they are waiting till he comes back. On the other hand, Urvashi is a highly devoted to God and her plan to Tripathi is always faced with hurdles. So they visit Mookuthi Amman Temple near Nagercoil and there God appears before them and asks RJ Balaji help to make her temple famous. The hurdles he faces and the finding of his father forms the crux of the story.

My review

What a touching movie. I swear I watched this movie to have a good laugh, and it is worth it. Some scenes the sentimental value of their family makes you shed a tear but the next moment the pace becomes funny and it makes you forget the sadness. The movie kickstarts only after Nayanathara as Mookuthi Amman appears before RJ Balaji. The ways he uses to make temple famous is the superstitious beliefs that people have so long kept in their minds. This movie also makes us think how people are using God name for using their business. The entry of antagonist Ajay Gosh as Bhagavathi Baba proves that we are still blinded by faith of God in serving some people who act as a messenger of God. The scene where Urvashi comes and beg her husband who happens to be a faithful devotee of Bhagavathi Baba, in brings you to tears. Even after deserting the family, she believes that here husband will come back to her and ready to accept him. It is a tear jerker.

Please watch this movie if you need a good feel effect.

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