Feeling Bored..?? Best 3 Romance Chinese Drama to Watch in November 2020

Chinese Drama are usually long. We can get at least a minimum of guaranteed 24 episodes of any series. So if the series is likable we can enjoy the story for maximum of 40 episodes. Herein my blog I am gonna give a great review of the 3 best chinese series.


  • Drama: General’s Lady
  • Episodes: 30
  • Aired: Oct 9, 2020 – Oct 31, 2020


A notorious general and an aristocrat’s daughter hold each other’s hands to spend a lifetime together whilst protecting what’s precious to them. Shen Jin grew up in luxury as a member of the royal family. After the emperor decrees an arranged marriage, she is married off to a general who defends the borders. Although she falls in love with her husband, general Chu Xiu Ming, at first sight, she finds it difficult to blend in. Shen Jin gradually sheds her spoiled and entitled attitude and becomes a force to be reckoned with. With her unconventional methods, she solves many of the army’s problems and comes to earn their trust and respect. However, there has been a shakeup in the imperial courts and the Chu army becomes a target. Shen Jin’s parents are held hostage against their will while Shen Jin receives orders to act as a spy for the emperor. Can the married couple weather the storms to find happiness and peace? (Source: ChineseDrama.info) ~~ Adapted from a novel of the same name by Yan Bo Jiang Nan.


The male casting is a strong headed personality who is guarding the borders of the Kingdom and is generally known as ‘Demon General’.When our female lead enters his life in form of arranged marriage, his peaceful life is shattered. Slowly, they find happiness and starts to love each other. I have to say this a cheesy and a romantic drama. We have a lots of kissing scenes and happy ending to the series. This is a light hearted series and is a good watch.

The Blooms at Ryuii Pavillion

  • Drama: The Blooms at Ryuii Pavillion
  • Episodes: 40
  • Aired: Oct 21, 2020 – Nov 13, 2020


Fu Rong who’s the second daughter of the Fu family unexpectedly had the ability of “foreseeing dreams” after a serious illness. She predicted that she would marry to Prince Su, Xu Jin, and finally suffered the fate of being buried. However, Xu Jin also has the ability of foreseeing dreams. Although Xu Jin also predicted the same tragedy, he doesn’t want to avoid it but try his utmost to change the destiny. These two people begin the sweet game of “framing one another”.Adapted from the novel “Chong Hou Zhi Lu” by author Xiao Jia Ren.


If you have not got enough of the onscree romance of Ju Jing Yi and Zhang Zhe from the series ‘The Legend of Yunxi’, then this series is recommended to you. Most of the cast is from the former drama. But it has no connection to the former drama. I personally felt that it has good amount of romance and there is a lot of misunderstanding between the lead.
Meanwhile, the second couple is truly a pleasure to observe.The supporting characters of Fu Xuan and Wu Bai Qi are one of the major compelling reasons that kept me watching this show. I honestly find their individual character growth as well as their emotional connection when they eventually got together to be extremely well written and remarkably depicted.


  • Drama: Jiu Liu Overlord
  • Episodes: 36
  • Aired: Oct 23, 2020 – Nov 11, 2020


The lives of people from two different social classes never intersect. Li Qing Liu is a silk merchant who leads the upper elite while Long Aoyi leads the lower class consisting of the entertainers, seamstresses, candy sellers, and thieves. They are pitted against each other but have to push aside their prejudices to solve a case of a burglary that shakes the city.

During the late Tang Dynasty, wealthy tycoon Li Qing Liu showcases garments made from the finest golden silk inside a bustling tavern. Outside the tavern is Long Ao Yi, the leader of the Longzhu Clan who engages in a game of life and death against the Snake Clan. Despite having no connections, the two are forced to work together because of a case revolving around the missing gold thread.

As he gets to know Long Ao Yi, Li Qing Liu realizes that he had many misconceptions about the ordinary folk. In turn, Long Ao Yi learns the ways of trading from him. When the machinations of an unscrupulous merchant causes many people to lose their homes, Li Qing Liu steps up to protect them. His identity as prince is revealed and a new fight takes place in the palace with Long Ao Yi by his side.


I started watching this series for ‘Bai Lu’ but eventually I fell in love with this series. It explains the love story of a high society boy to a lower society girl. It nearly took more than 20 episodes to confess his love as the male lead doesn’t have a clue about romance. The same goes for female lead. I personally felt that they agree well on everything in related to business and caring for their own people. This series is a Light hearted Romantic comedy.

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