Stranger Episode 10 Recap

Si-mok visits the Prosecutor office and finds the junior Prosecutor did not file a proper documentation for the death of the Prosecutor Park Gwang-su. Dong-jae subordinates points out they gave 3 files on March 14. Si-mok connects the dots and finds that Dong-jae should have brought these files to the Asst.Chief Woo. Si-mok requests Prosecutor Park Gwang-su next of kin contact number.

Detective Jang and Yeo-jin visit the shop of Kim Su-hang aunt. They order some fritters and make some small talk with her. Yeo-jin excuses herself of using washroom and tries to find clues in the backyard. She finds a basement and she was shocked to see vegetables, meat and rats feeding on them. Yeo-jin threatens that she will call the Food and Hygiene department and leaves the place.

Junior Prosecutor explains that Dong-jae strongly empathized the death of the former Chief Prosecutor. Flashback, we see he explains how he want to get promoted as Chief in his office before everything starts to crumble around him.

We see Asst.Chief Woo smoking in the place where Dong-jae had gone missing. Si-mok confirms from Chief Woo that he received only Segok Police station case from Dong-jae. Si-mok knew he was lying as Dong-jae has already told him that he spoke about the file to Chief Woo.

Si-mok visits the place where the Chief Prosecutor turned dead. He finds that the Prosecutor parked in the middle of the road and died. He didn’t even tried to turn his car away from the road and call the emergency services. Si-mok discuss the possibility with the traffic division head of Namgyu police station. He confirms they closed the case as he had been drinking and had a heart disease and there was no suspicions to investigate further.

On viewing the pictures of the reply, Si-mok finds he did not add any destination in the navigation system. Traffic inspector shrugs off mentioning the fact that he may have known his way through the area. He asks about Dong-jae visit on March 18. He explains that Dong-jae asked about some other collision but not about the death of Chief Prosecutor.

Si-mok is not satisfied with the death of chief Prosecutor but leaves the office. Once he leaves, Traffic inspector informs about his visit to Chief Choi. Chief Choi discuss about this to Asst.Chief Woo. Chief Woo is worried as Si-mok may find something. Chief Choi has an idea to make him remove himself from the investigation.

Si-mok visits wife of Chief Prosecutor. He asks questions about his death and she gives him the usual answers. But when asked about Dong-jae,she explains that he was the Prosecutor in charge and they met at her husband funeral. She adds that she sold the car in which he died and he had lots of stress while working at the law firm because he was a partner. She asks him to visit his secretary at the law firm.

Next scene in a cafe, Si-mok is visiting the secretary of the law firm. He asks about his visit to Namyangju and the dash cam footage missing on the day of death. She replies that he took a day off and she was not aware of his schedule. Moreover the clients may request to turnoff the dashcam footage so that they will not be filmed during the meet. He asks if the firm is not aware about the client visit. She nervously replies that Gwang-su never drinks and even her CEO is shocked when alcohol is found in blood and the client does not belong to their firm.

Si-mok is lost in thoughts and believe this case might not have any connection with missing case of Dong-jae. Si-mok returns back to office and reports his findings to Chief Woo. Chief Woo asks him to look into Segok Police station officers and he will look into this death of Chief Prosecutor case.

Si-mok questions Asst.Chief Woo if Dong-jae had given him any more files. After hesitation he gives the file of Chief of Dongducheon to Si-mok explaining he forgot about it.

Chief of Dongducheon visits Chief Choi in her office. Their meeting was a tensed one as he was demoted whereas Chief Choi was promoted to higher position. She asks if he has been taking overtime to increase wages. Yeo-jin interrogates him about whereabouts on March 26. He was angry at her but Yeo-jin was confident that he was away from his desk for 3 hours. She asks if he gave them a false alibi. While they were talking, Yeo-jin gets a message and leaves the room.

She checks the comments in the missing video of Dong-jae and someone has witnessed the crime on March 26. Flashback, we see someone putting a person in the back of his car and fleeing the scene. The warrant is issued from the Prosecutor office and they search for the member who posted this tip in the internet. They find the user as Jeon Gi-hyeok.

Meanwhile, Captain of Yongsan Police is with Forensic service investigating the photo. Luckily, they find a reflection of watch in the picture and it has 3 stars. The Captain checks and he is wearing the same watch. It is the police issued watch. Captain passes this information to Yeo-jin . Chief Choi gets an earful from her superior and he asks to summon all the Segok Police officers.


Finally a clue, we are still not sure a police officer may have kidnapped the Prosecutor. We have a witness statement as well and it has been 5 days. I feel that he was not shown in the last 2 episodes , so the chances of survival is low because of his head wound.

I still don’t get why the natural death of Prosecutor is causing Chief Choi and Chief Woo to the edge. They are pretty much involved but they did not kidnap Dong-jae.

Looks like Si-mok is gonna dig lot of dirt on officers while searching for Dong-jae. The kidnapper must be smart and he must have known if the Prosecutor is kidnapped, the cases he investigated will be revisited again. Either he has some deep link to the police and I personally don’t think the kidnapper is an outsider. Let’s see if they can find missing Prosecutor soon.

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