Stranger Episode 9 Recap

Kim Sa-hyun conveys to Si-mok that Chief Woo is on edge as Dong-jae has gone missing and he also confirms that he did not give any order to dig dirt on Chief Choi. He personally asked him and got confirmation from him.The food arrives and when he is ready to eat, he gets a call from Yeo-jin that the killer has sent a message and he rushes to the station.

Meanwhile the young detective checks the comments on the online post and finds the message. The entire police team gather before the bulletin board and discuss what the message meant. They tried to determine whether he may be alive or dead.

Si-mok joins them. Yeo-jin confirms it must be an act of grudge and he may be alive as the killer posted this picture after the missing video is posted online. She also confirms that Prosecution will not hand over the cases handled by him and all they can do is investigate the crime scene and interrogate suspects. The police are happy that heavy work is pushed to Prosecution but she still believes the message from the killer to taunt the police that they can’t catch them.

Si-mok sends the threatening message to Chief Woo and Sa-hyun. Chief Woo instructs the team to request a full list of offices Dong-jae worked. Sa-hyun has confusing looks as he senses this case is keeping Chief Woo in his edge.

Si-mok requests the call details of Dong-jae wife from Detective Jang. His team also believes that most of the time in the missing case the spouse will be the culprit. Detective Jang and the other young detective goes to investigate Dong-jae wife.

Yeo-jin is alone and she thinks what the kidnapper message meant. Chief Choi wanted to give an briefing explaining the Segok police officer may not be a suspect but her superior asks her to wait for sometime.

Si-mok asks a junior Prosecutor from Dong-jae office to find handwritten letters of Segok police officers. He also asks if Dong-jae had any sponsors or any affairs. She clearly states that there was no other person in his life.

Si-mok visits Won-Chul in his office and explains that Dong-jae did not have any sponsor or affair. Won-Chul also came to know from Western Office that they have been requested to compile the places where Dong-jae worked. Si-mok says he asked for it. Won-Chul predicts his reputation will hit rock bottom if they dig about his past. He is also saddened that he rejected his meet when Dong-jae called him. Si-mok thinls Dong-jae must have called him to collect information on Hanjo from Won-Chul but he doesn’t say anything.

Lawyer Je-sun calls and informs about his meet with Chief Choi and he hopes he will get information on Park Gwang-su. His secretary informs that Hanjo Engineering will be audited and hence her brother will be in trouble.

Det.Jang shows the picture of killer message to Dong-jae wife and asks if the necktie belongs to him. She cries and asks him to find her husband. He gets written statement from her and once he goes out of the door. She calls someone and informs that a detective came to visit her. The young detective confirm that she had no alibi for 3 hours on the day of the incident.

Si-mok discuss with Yeo-jin why he used internet to showoff instead of sending through post. Captain joins the discussion and he speculate that there will be CCTV in post office and he may have feared he would have got caught. He also speculates in his service of 30 years no one has sent a photo to police after committing a crime. They also come to a conclusion that the culprit should live in a detached house with a garage and he should have a car that should be used only by him and not other members. But Captain stresses it should be a detached house.

Yeo-jin thinks back to the victim father of Tongyeng beach incident who had the same flooring in the house. They also confirm that the kidnapper must have confined Dong-jae in a place where they had full control and they still don’t know where he fled after leaving his car at the scene.

Detective Jang and the young detective joins them. They compare the handwriting with Dong-jae wife and other Segok police officer handwriting. A Segok police officer has left the country and Yeo-jin asks Det.Jang to check if he has returned back. Si-mok sees something is written in the back of the wall in the photograph. They send the photo to forensics for analysis.

Next day, Yeo-jin gives a interim press meet and she gives information about the missing Prosecutor and the kidnapper message. Their strategy is to make the Segok Police officer believe that someone else is the culprit so that they make a mistake.

After watching the news, Captain Baek seems frustrated and he is even more angry when he finds someone is tailing him.

Yeo-jin and Chief Choi visit Jae-young in his office. She confirms that Officer Kim worked in a store near the crime scene after he was released and they did not check his uncle alibi yet. Chief Choi is frustrated as people may put false entry to get overtime salary from the office. She asks Yeo-jin to get a file from her drawer as it has lost of officers who worked overtime in that station. She adds if they can find the officer who logged least overtime would be able to confirm if the Chief is lying.

Yeo-jin reaches her office and when she was about to open the file,Chief Choi returns back and asks her to check the store and she will look at the file. She leaves and Chief Choi hides the file in her bag as it contain the call records of Dong-jae.

Si-mok gets hold of the Dong-jae browser history. He finds news articles about the death of Prosecutor Gwang-su. Si-mok calls another Prosecutor from Dong-jae office and asks if she knows why he investigated the death of Park Gwang-su. She confirms they couldn’t get any dashcam footage from the day of the incident. Si-mok checks from the Dong-jae GPS destination and finds he has visited the spot of the accident.

One hearing these words, Chief Woo is shocked and zones out. Sa-hyun notices it and they invite Si-mok to join them. Si-mok asks them to go first and he will join later. Meanwhile Chief Woo leaves the group muttering himself that he should be somewhere. He visits the wife of dead Prosecutor Gwang-su.


This episode is good and it is like connecting all the dots and we get to see a whole picture. Looks like we can’t hide the lies or truth for a long time. Over the years

The best part of the series is the way Si-mok thinks what might have happened at the moment. He doesn’t have any emotions so they way he handles situation is much different. In this episode, Si-mok thinks from the perspective of the killer and the way the scene is portrayed looks too good. It’s like we get to see his mind palace.

I am still suspicious of Ms.Lee secretary. He is also startled when he hears the dead Prosecutor name. He also knows Dong-jae tried to investigate the dead Prosecutor.

The list of suspects gets piled up and we still didn’t get any clue to find the missing Prosecutor. I personally feel before the missing Prosecutor is found the other cases may shed some light on the corruption involved in other officers.

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