Stranger Episode 8 Recap

Yeo-jin drops Si-mok back at the place where Dong-jae had gone missing. Yeo-jin calls Chief Choi and confirms that Chief of Dongducheon police station had an alibi and he couldn’t have kidnapped Dong-jae.

Si-mok returns back to office and see Sa-hyun working late. He explains he was acquainted to Lee Chang-jun once. Even though they barely knew each other, his death affected him a lot. So he asks if the missing Prosecutor case is tough to handle and asks him to speak out. Si-mok doesn’t say much and he leaves shortly. But he hears a ringing sound in his ears and had trouble concentrating (this occurrence is common in season 1).

Si-mok goes to meet Ms.Lee from Hanjo group. He waits for her in the lobby while reviewing the case files worked by Dong-jae. She explains Dong-jae called her to inform that he is on her side. But Si-mok insist on their previous phone call conversation. She opens up that she used Dong-jae to investigate her father condition. Ms.Lee secretary joins them and confesses he was in touch with the prosecutor to get some information on eastern office and they both did not keep Ms.Lee in the loop of conversation. Si-mok leaves the room.

Asst.Chief Woo is startled to see Si-mok visited Hanjo group. Sa-hyun notices something odd with him. He adds it must be difficult that Si-mok used to know Lee Chang-jun and Dong-jae well when he worked at Eastern office. He also knows Dong-jae tried to dig dirt on Chief Choi. Asst.Chief Woo is confused with the information but he doesn’t show any reaction.

Detective Jang is interrogating Dong-jae wife regarding the missing poster. She is scared about the golden hour principle. Si-mok ask if they are living separately as Dong-jae has told him he couldn’t see his kids often. His wife quietly says that their marriage is good.

Next stop is Yongsan Police station. They have put up a big bulletin board and the Chief of station announces that Yeo-jin will be head of the investigation. Si-mok also joins them. She separate their team into two, One team is responsible for retracing the Prosecutor final moments before he went missing and other team will investigate Segok Police station with her.

The detectives speculate Dong-jae may have faked his own kidnapping. Si-mok strongly suggest that it may not be a possibility as he wanted to work in Supreme Prosecutor Office badly and in no means he will avoid the appointment with Asst.Chief Woo.

The young detective suggest they will put a missing video in social media site instead of handing out flyers. The idea is accepted only if they have family consent.

Si-mok conveys his findings in Hanjo group to Captain. He thanks him for it. Meanwhile , Yeo-jin updates the bulletin board with Segok Police station case.

Det.Jang is collecting information on Kim Su-hang. He had a solid alibi as all the people working in the company went for a public bath around the time the Prosecutor was kidnapped. Meanwhile, Yeo-jin interrogates Su-hang. He also gives the same information.

Su-hang was in tears when she asked about the dead officer. He also says the same that his Captain doesn’t know about it. She directly asks him if his uncle warned him. He says he is not in touch but she asks why he is out of jail in 6 months but his colleague is still serving the sentence. He leaves the building after interrogation and he is tailed by a police officer.

We jump back to the interrogation of Captain Baek in the Prosecutor office. He blabbers the same thing that they took good care of Sergeant Song and he met Dong-jae first and last in the interrogation room. He gives his alibi stating that he was at home on march 26.Si-mok asks him directly if he gave an order to kill his colleague. But he strongly opposes that the seniors working in the Prosecutor office cleared him of the charges. Si-mok asks if he has been lying about both cases. Baek retaliates that he has alibi and the officer killed himself. He leaves an he is tailed by another police officer.

They record a statement of his wife asking for information about her missing husband. She is in tears when she concludes the video as the kids are asking for their father.

We see someone in a black hoodie reading the message for the video. Ms.Lee looks worried watching the video and she leaves alone to meet someone not taking her Secretary with her.

Secretary tails her car and finds she is meeting with lawyer Oh Je-sun. She asks him to dig the relationship between Chief Choi and Park Gwang-su.

Meanwhile Chief Choi and Asst.Chief Woo meets up in a secluded bar over drinks. She asks him that he should have asked her directly instead of digging up of dirt on her career. He declines that he did not order him to do this. He also adds someone from the police has confirmed that she gave the order to close Prosecutor Park Gwang-su case soon. She found from Dong-jae police records it is the Head of Traffic investigation team and he did not spill any beans. He asks to her to stay put and he will also not do anything and Hanjo group will also stay the same. They both confirm to each other that they don’t have hand in kidnapping but they speculate Hanjo group may have done it.

Meanwhile Yeo-jin confirms that Dong-jae went for great lengths to dig dirt on her by meeting the victims of Tongyeng beach case.

Lawyer Oh Je-sun goes and meet the Intelligence director in jail and request him to represent him. Chief Choi gets wind of the information and the lawyer visits her in the office.

Before they talk, Yeo-jin calls her and informs that he is the lawyer who worked in Tongyeng beach case. She cuts her speech short and asks him to leave the office.Suddenly the entire office is put on alert when there was an article posted that suspect is a cop. The article becomes trending and she calls Chief Woo if he leaked the information. He replies he did not do it and he goes to meet his superior to find the source.

Yeo-jin gets a call from Detective Jang and she rushes to the police station. Si-mok sits to have lunch with his colleagues when he rushes out as he gets a call from Yeo-jin that the culprit has posted a message.

He has posted the photo of Dong-jae tie in blood with a message’I washed the dishes too late’.


Oh,No. After seeing the message from the kidnapper I feel that the possibility of Dong-jae being alive is too low. He is a good Prosecutor who wants to build connections and he would have never thought digging into a old case would have lead him to this mess. From this episode, we came to know that he is not in good terms with his wife but still she took a courage of begging to the public asking them to give any information on her husband whereabouts.

The highlight of this episode is the meeting of Chief Choi and Asst.Chief Woo. Initially I thought they will be mortal enemies but never thought they will be like friends of benefits. They both have some hand in the death of the Prosecutor Park Gwang-su. They know they both will be ruined if anyone is dragged into this mess. I feel they have a good mutual understanding for each other in work.

I smell something fishy on the secretary of Ms.Lee. He has been doing some under the table deals and looks like he may be a prominent suspect in Dong-jae missing case.

Our leads of the series are so indulged in investigation and they are ready to see to the end. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode and hope all it turns good.

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