Stranger Episode 7 Recap

Won-Chul invites Si-mok for a drink. He asks him not to dig further into the hiring scandal of Assemblyman Nam son as it doesn’t do any good for the people who did not get the job and will affect Chief Woo as well. Si-mok explains he will see to the end of this issue. Won-Chul asks him to stay careful as he will not giving him any help.

Ms.Lee thanks the CEO of Sungmoon Daily for supporting her in share holder meeting. It looks like the polls are on favour and she will remain as Chairman and CEO of Hanjo group. She looks at the personal information of Choi Bit in her office.

Next day at office, Chief Woo gets a call from Detective Jang informing him that Dong-jae is missing. Chief Woo is angry and asks if Dong-jae received any threats while working on the case. Si-mok interrogates him back and asks why he was supposed to meet him yesterday. Chief Woo confesses he never made to their meet at 10 pm but his call was switched off when he tried to reach him. Si-mok asks if he can take the case and it may not be related to Segok Police station case.

Meanwhile, Yeo-jin also gets to know that the Prosecutor is missing and she sets out to investigate when her boss is working out of office. She visits the crime scene and asks Jang about the case files. She investigate the CCTV in the road and tries to predict where he might have gone missing and she gets a call from her office.

Det.Jang gets a swab from Dong-jae son and he inform his wife that he is missing. The Yongsan police detective discuss about and they find his phone got switched off at 8.50 pm. He also finds the murder weapon as Brick from the nearby house.

Si-mok goes to Dong-jae office and found that he left before 7 pm and also he will enquire address of the officer Kim Su-hang.

Yeo-jin informs about her findings to Chief Choi. She asks her to investigate further and gets information that the next police Prosecution meeting will be postponed till the missing Prosecutor is found.

Si-mok visits Yongsan Police station. He looks through his call records and found he has been digging into Tongyeng incident and found he talked with surviving victim and other families as well. Captain knows he has been trying to dig dirt on Chief Choi bit did not share with Si-mok. He also comes to know he has been in contact with Hanjo group and the detectives couldn’t investigate further and asks Si-mok help.

Yeo-jin visits the scene where Dong-jae went missing and Si-mok joins her. They predict he should have parked his car in alley on seeing someone. When his back was turned, the person attacked him with the brick and made him unconscious. They speculate what would have happened after rendering him unconscious and they find lots of possibilities.

They both drive to meet the Chief of Dongducheon police station.Looks like Dong-jae has called his office. He was angry when he hears about the dead officer. They asked about Dong-jae but he clearly says he doesn’t remember. Their argument turns heated once he mentions Chief Choi.

They both speculate that he will be startled when the Prosecutor accused his nephew of taking bribes and digging about Segok Police station.

Dong-jae is tied up somewhere in an unknown location with injury in his head. His hands and legs are binded. He tries to attack his assailant but he hits him back and drags Dong-jae in the floor and we could see blood in the floor.


What a roller coaster of information in this episode. I never thought the Segok Police station case has lots more to say. I believe it is a open and shut case. But looks like there is more to it.

Hanjo group is also not less innocent. I still believe the death of the Prosecutor due to illness is related to Hanjo group. My idea, it may be related to the mastermind behind Segok Police case.

It feels good watching Yeo-jin and Si-mok working their full effort in the missing case. Let’s hope Dong-jae comes back alive. We will miss his presence in the screen as he has such unique character and he brings liveliness to the character.

The heated argument between Si-mok and Chief Woo is pretty good. Even though Chief Woo is pretty much his senior officer ,if there is any corruption involved Si-mok is ready to point out his flaws.

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