Stranger Episode 6 Recap

Assembly man rushes and opens the envelope and finds a flash drive. We don’t see what information he found in flash drive.

Si-mok has seen the name of the police office(Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police agency) in the envelope of Yeo-jin. He finds intelligence office in third floor. He remembers the information gathered regarding national security and all information goes to Choi Bit. He sits in the car and browses information on the police agency.

Dong-jae calls Si-mok and asks why Yeo-jin was curious about their visit to Prison. Si-mok firmly believes the officer who was first at scene of crime should hold the key to the case. Dong-jae also believes the same and he found Officer Kim Su-hang is Chief of Dongducheon Police station. He tries to investigate further but he gets a call from his superior asking Dong-jae to drive him home.

Ms.Lee is visiting Kim Byung-hyun(played by Tae In-ho) in a fancy restaurant. She asks why he is siding with her brother. He believes her brother will soon be the Chairman of Hanjo group and she  is financially struggling. She angrily explains that her company shares crashed when her father was arrested and she revived the company. She shouts at him as he kept on publishing articles undermining her character. She asks him to judge her as an entrepreneur. He says her lipstick is too red.  Her eyes are full of tears and removes her makeup and he is startled. She asks about her father condition. While leaving ,she hugs him but he doesn’t hug her back.

Ms.Lee is leaving in the car with her secretary. Her father has angry issues along with depression. She orders her secretary to capture the moment her father is angry so that they can show this to public.

Asst.Chief Woo and Kim Sa-hyun discuss in the office whether Si-mok will be able to get the information about the blackmail to Assemblyman Nam. Meanwhile, Si-mok goes to Suwon Prosecutor Office and wants to look at his archive. He looks through case records and decide to meet Yeo-jin. They both meet outside of her house.

Si-mok explains about his findings to Yeo-jin. He gives information on three cases:illegal filming in a vacation spot by 5 students,DUI -37 people were arrested during the New year party and arrest of many people from confession of a drug dealer. He also couldn’t find the names of 5 students in the Prosecution report and only 2 person were indicted and hence the other 3 person will have a strong background. He believes Assemblyman Nam son must be one of them.Yeo-jin doesn’t say anything. He thinks he still have to dig more for information.

Yeo-jin meets Chief Choi and asks if she knows about the drug dealer case when she was the Chief at that time. She asks if she looked inside the envelope. Looks like Yeo-jin had made a copy of the USB drive. She asks her to keep this issue to herself as the police may gain the investigation rights after the reformation is disbanded. But she doesn’t want a former Prosecutor ,head of the Judicial Committee to change the outcome. She explains they faced a pressure from Supreme Prosecutor office to stop further investigation of hiring scandal. But they caught a break on the drug dealer case.

Yeo-jin explains her point of investigation. She knows the drug dealers  never give names of the VIP as they pay them a hefty money. The Intelligence Bureau knows that Assemblyman Nam son does drugs . Chief Choi asks if she is accusing the police of making a false confession. She accepts the police kept quiet about it. Yeo-jin was angry. But she explains they can go against him after 6 months after the police have won the investigation rights. Yeo-jin leaves the room confused and angry.

Si-mok conveys all the information on Nam son to Asst.Chief Woo. He also states he got this information through digging and Yeo-jin did not give him any information. He asks about Dong-jae. Si-mok explains another officer from the police station may hold the key to the case and it may not be the Captain Baek.

Si-mok leaves the room and he gets a message from Dong-jae that he thanks him for putting up a good word with his superior.

Kim Sa-hyun visit Asst.Chief Woo and they discuss that he has advised the eastern office to keep in pace in investigating the Hanjo group. Won-Chul asked him to be careful of Si-mok as he will be like a double edged sword and the person who tries to use for image purpose may regret it. Sa-hyun is frustrated how Si-mok talks back to him and loathes over how the young Prosecutors are different these days.

Ms.Lee secretary has found his father is suffering from intermittent explosive disorder. She asks her Secretary to make a statement that she will attend the shareholder meeting of her father and her brother attend in person as well. She asks for protestors in front of her office.

It looks like ‘Sungmoon Daily’ has sided with Ms.Lee. They have published an article about his anger issues .There is a huge argument in the shareholder meeting among the people gathered. They attend the voting and the crucial role lies in ‘Sungmoon Daily’ shares. We see his representative with the voting card and we don’t see to whom she votes.

Dong-jae has sent a message to Ms.Lee that he is rooting for her. Meanwhile Woo meets Assemblyman Nam in his office. He explains he knows about the leverage the police has on his son. Nam asks Asst.Chief Woo to stay in his place as he knows he pulled his wife out of cryptocurrency when the Prosecution started to look into it. Many people lost their money but since he helped his wife they didn’t have much damage.

Si-mok tries to contact the initial Prosecutor Ryu who handles the hiring scandal case. Won-Chul gets to know about this.

We find a abandoned car in the alley and Yongsan police detectives check the scene. They find some blood in the floor and the car belongs to Dong-jae.


The one thing I learnt from this series is people are more selfish. The people going up in the higher ladder in a organisation will have an ulterior motive for their action. The police wants the investigation rights and they have leverage over the head of the committee who holds the key to the reformation. Looks like the Prosecution is also not gonna go down without a fist fight.

I like the way the drama always keeps you on the edge. There is still a plenty of suspense and twist from the end of the each episode. The way Chief Choi shuts theouth of Yeo-jin stating that she is guiding her to a better position.

Dong-jae is missing and he is tied up somewhere in an unknown location with his hands and legs binded. Looks like we will be seeing some good detective chemistry between Si-mok and Yeo-jin.

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