Stranger Episode 5 Recap

The episode opens up with the Officer Chang-Yong found about the suicide of Sergeant Song. Chief Choi explains the officer who first found the dead is the niece of the Chief of Dongducheon Police station.(The person who Sergeant Song complained). Chief Choi explains he was demoted and transferred because of assault and she speculate that he may be responsible for transfer of Sergeant Song to police station where his nephew works. This information is new to Intelligence Bureau unless someone made a complain to them from the police station. Yeo-jin explains she is gonna dig further and will be visiting the prisoner who is serving his time in bribery.

If the case of the officer turns out to be a suicide, Chief Choi speculate that she can use it to the advantage of police. Yeo-jin is in deep thoughts. She didn’t report everything to Chief Choi. She remembers the driver of the police officer (victim of assault) is also a officer who had many connections as if is not easy to become chief’s driver. The Chief punishment is influenced by the police officer who worked as a driver. But since Chief couldn’t do anything to the driver he showed his frustration on Sergeant Song. Chang-Yong remembers that Sergeant Song once said to him,

“The higher-ups can’t even speak up against those with power yet they can’t stand it when their subordinates speak out.They labelled me as a rebel and transferred me because they were afraid I’d cause trouble”.

Si-mok visits Won-Chul at his Office and asks about the Prosecutor Nam in-tae who refused to issue warrant in rental scam case. Won-Chul explains he can’t call someone in the Western Office and ask them to issue warrant. Si-mok explains that he is also same like others and he used connection to get immediate solution. He adds the couple who hired the lawyer also thought the same. Won-Chul explains if he does the request of Si-mok then Si-mok will owe him something , this creating a custom of helping each other out. Si-mok never thought he will be in this situation.

Won-Chul asks him if he want to add any accusation against Sungmoon Daily. He rejects that he doesn’t want to add anything. But since Won- Chul is going after the people , Hanjo HQ will be thrilled. While Si-mok leaves, Won-Chul calls the Chief of Western Office but we don’t know what he conveyed.

Meanwhile Ms.Lee identifies the drug that is used to treat her father. It is drug used for treating Post traumatic stress disorder and it may be smuggled from USA as the drug is still in a clinical trial in Korea.

Next day, Yeo-jin visits the prison to visit Lee Dae-seong. It was an unexpected meet when she comes across Yoon Se-won(played by Lee Kyu-hyung). She has a quick chat with him and asks him about Dae-seong. He replies he is not close with the inmate and congratulates on her promotion. He also enquiries if she sent a package to him. She replies she did not do it. They talk for some time and she leaves to meet Dae-seong.

Meanwhile, Si-mok and Dong-jae is rejected to visitation as the prisoner is allowed one visit per day.

Flashback, we see Dae-seong ordering his fellow officer to pour the hot water on Sergeant Song. When Sergeant Song is wiping the floor he throws a paper into the dustbin (it is near where Sgt.Song is wiping the floor).

When Yeo-jin interrogates Dae-seong, he openly accepts he did those things to make him stronger in field. She asks if he is killed because he did not receive bribes but he stresses that his Captain also did not receive bribes. He repeats the same statement whatever he repeated in the court.

Yeo-jin asks him to come clean as other officer Kim Su-hang received 6 months but he received 18 months. She tries to ask if Captain Baek ordered him to do these things. He clearly doesn’t want to say anything to Yeo-jin and he blabbers about other things.

Yeo-jin gets tensed and shouts at him as he keeps on saying getting bribe is good for a police officer. She swears she will get bottom of this issue and make sure he rots in his cell.

Si-mok and Dong-jae share a friendly moment and Dong-jae is curious how he got a position in Supreme Prosecutor Office. Dong-jae is frustrated as the Prosecutors will be relocated every 2 years and he couldn’t meet his family and kids often. Si-mok explains it is done to avoid Prosecutor making acquaintance with locals in the region.

Dong-jae is shocked to see Yeo-jin and he asks her to exchange information about the case. She asks him to give his information first. He confirms that Captain Baek also received bribes and the shop owners confirmed it. Before she could reply to Dong-jae, she gets a call and rushes off.

The call is from Chief Choi who asks her to collect a file and meet her in person. She calls Si-mok and asks why they choose this place as the next stop.

Meanwhile, Asst.Chief Woo calls him and asks him to meet in National Assembly building. He turns on the radio and hears the news about Assemblyman Nam Jae-sik is cleared of suspicion in pressuring the financial companies to hire his son. Asst.Chief explains that the assembly man has sued the Jae-young , director of Police Investigation Bureau. The reason for filing a complaint is because the director personally targeted him and it caused a political slander.

Moreover Assembly Nam is Chairman of Legislation and Judiciary Committee. Asst.Chief Woo believes even if the bill is passed the committee can reject it. Moreover he is also a former Prosecutor and the police do not want him in the position. He called Si-mok as he is gonna pursue him to drop the charges and wanted Si-mok to help him in doing.

They both are shocked to see Yeo-jin visiting Assemblyman Nam but they are denied visiting him. Asst.Chief Woo asks Si-mok to investigate whatever Yeo-jin has on Assemblyman Nam.

Meanwhile Won-Chul gets update on the hiring scandal case because the Prosecutor who handled the investigation is assigned at his office. Even though his replacement cleared the case ,he is not responsible and it will not affect the eastern office.

Won-Chul speculate that Woo-Tae was at Supreme Prosecutor Office at that time and he must have pressured the handling Prosecutor a lot.

Asst.Chief Woo and Si-mok come across Chief Choi and Yeo-jin at the Assembly building.


I am starting to get a bad feeling about Chief Choi. Even though the officer cause of death is suicide, she wants to use him as news to target the Prosecution. I thought she had some sympathy when she visited the victim family of Tongyeng beach incident but her true motive is to push the Prosecution to a corner and gain investigation rights. She looks like a desperate person who will bargain everything to gain a upper hand against Prosecution.

It is a bittersweet meeting between Yeo-jin and Yoon Se-won. Even though he is the murderer in the season 1, the presence of him in season 2 may open up a new possibilities.

I hate bullying and the way the Dae-seong justifies his act ,it gets on my nerves. Let us hope justice will be served.

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