Stranger Episode 4 Recap

Si-mok reaches the conference room first and he exchange greetings with Det.Jang, Yeo-jin and Choi-Bit. The other members arrive and they take a group picture together.

The police team strongly suggest getting warrants through Prosecution is taking a long time and the suspects are using this to their advantage. Detective Jang is investigating a rental scam and he couldn’t get a warrant for arresting the suspect even though they have provided all the evidence to Prosecution.

Si-mok explains the Prosecution decides the warrant based on whether the case can be prosecuted or not. If the police is provided with the power, they can’t handle it and asks for suggestion. They suggest another judicial body to handle warrants but Prosecution declines the idea. The argument turns heated and the Prosecutors leaves the room.

There is a power struggle in Hanjo group as the Sungmoon daily, 3 largest shareholder in Hanjo has raised a concern on one of the bylaws of the Hanjo. He has suggested that the CEO and the chairperson should not be the same person and the chairperson will be selected by voting process in shareholder meeting. Lawyer Je-sun suggest this strategy is to make Ms.Lee push out of the company.

Lawyer Je-sun suggest buying shares so that she can be a majority shareholder. But Ms.Lee says the corporate headquarters has no money and the government is asking then to pay 300 billion in fine.

The executive speculate that his brother will try to bring her father in the shareholder meeting. He is still the honorary chairperson and the meeting may turn into a warzone.

Ms.Lee tries to meet her father but her request is declined by the housekeeper and he passes the message that he never want to see her daughter again.

Si-mok gets a call from someone when he is in lunch with the Prosecutors. Chief Choi appreciate Yeo-jin and Det.Jang. Chief Choi also gets information about someone from Prosecutor office is enquiring about the police officer imprisoned due to bribery.

Det.Jang returns back to the office and he explains that all the Prosecutors are same regarding their stance in warrant. He also comes to know that Yeo-jin is also going through a tough time with her colleagues.

Si-mok visits Ms.Lee. She implicates that the article in Sungmoon Daily is making him look like an indirect murderer. He suggests her to complain to Press Committee and also file a claim in court if she is bothered by it.

Dong-jae visits Ms.Lee and explains about the death of Prosecutor Park due to alcohol. He contradicts that he could never drink alcohol but the police did not investigate further and closed the case. The Chief at that time was Choi Bit. He suggests that he quit Prosecution and was planning to join Hanjo group. Ms.Lee secretary suggests that he was not appointed in Hanjo group and he did drink. Dong-jae tries to ask whom he met while drinking but Ms.Lee stops the discussion.

Dong-jae firmly asks he can be helpful for her. Suddenly she asks her secretary to leave the room. She asks Dong-jae to meet her Dad Yu-Beom as her father strongly believes she conspired with her husband to send him to jail. She asks him to deliver a letter to her father and gives him address.

Once he leaves, she calls someone in her phone and feels that somehow is Choi Bit is connected and  further instructs that lawyer Oh working with them should not be known to anyone even his family members.

Dong-jae tries to visit Yu-Beom but he is blocked by the housekeeper. He gives the present and leaves the place. He reports back to Ms.Lee that he couldn’t deliver the letter as he couldn’t meet him in person. But he strongly believes that someone is ill in the house. Looks like Dong-jae went through garbage and found a sticker in a medicine bottle. He asks her to figure out further from this information. They became emotional when they talk about her late husband. Dong-jae is sincerely rooting for her.

Chief Choi is concerned about the interest of Dong-jae in Segok police officer suicide case. She requests Yeo-jin to meet with the officer in prison and asks her to figure out the reason.

She visits Segok Police station and finds that Captain Baek is on vacation. Instead she meets with Officer Ko Chang-Yong. She asks about the suicide of the Officer. He explains that there was bullying in the team and the officer suffered from depression.

He also saw a verbal confrontation between the dead officer and Kim Su-hang.Yeo-jin informs that the officer died as suicide but it is homicide, as he died surrounded by his colleagues who has been bullying him.


I have started to like Ms.Lee, She lost her husband in season 1. From then, her smooth life is turned to a struggle followed by the betrayal of her father and brother. Even though , the fines were imposed on Hanjo group before she was appointed, she takes responsibility and she also doesn’t want to take the company capital to secure her management rights.

Si-mok is still cold towards people’s feelings and that character is making him a good judge of people. I personally feel he is making good judgement of cases as there are no emotions involved. He is such a righteous Prosecutor who doesn’t take anyone sides but believes in justice.

His character is opposite pole of Dong-jae. He uses information like a joker card and waits for the player to make a bait. The death of Prosecutor Park due to illness did not work with Asst.Chief Woo but he was able to provide the same information to Ms.Lee and tries to make acquaintance. He is as nosy as the first season.

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