Stranger Episode 3 Recap

Dong-jae leaves the restaurant angry, and Kim Sa-hyun joins them for dinner. They are both colleagues and knew each other. They talk about their family and other affairs, while Si-mok feel left out in their conversation. When they leave, they give some tasks to Si-mok and Asst.Chief Woo wants Sa-hyun to do a good job. They both leave for smoke, while Si-mok leaves for office.

Meanwhile Yeo-jin brings food to her old team at Yongsan Police station. She requests Det. Jang to join the Police Prosecution council. After a long hesitation,he finally agrees ,only if the captian allows him. Yeo-jin asks the Captain but initially he doesn’t want him to go as they are already short staffed.

They suddenly get a call about a suspect in run and the entire team leave without giving an answer to Yeo-jin. In car, the Captain asks Det.Jang to be a better asset and asks him to attend the Police Prosecution Council. He asks him to bring Yeo-jin back when they are done with the council. He thinks she must be alone in the Headquarters.

Back in Office, Si-mok completes all the tasks given by his senior and goes through the file given by Dong-jae. It is a suicide of a police officer in a police station. We see the officer is a new recruit Song Gi-hyeon. Because of a bribery complaint on the team, 2 police officers resigned, 1 officer was transferred, 2 police officers were convicted ,one person was able to maintain the position and other died.

He remembers the information provided by Dong-jae. Dong-jae explains the team had a gig of getting bribe from the business for several years and the new recruit tried to expose it and got him killed. Dong-jae explains that no one questioned his death as he was suffering from depression and the bribery allegations resurfaced later on the team so no one could make the connection.

Asst.Chief Woo asks Si-mok to keep an eye on him and asks Dong-jae to do all the legwork.

Flashback,We see the Sergeant Song hanged himself on the shower room and his colleagues tried to save him. In the autopsy report it clearly stated that his body had bruises but they did not investigate further. Dong-jae suggests all the colleague suggested the same statement that he was on anti-depressants. He also adds the transfer caused him depression. Sergeant Song was a police detective once . He notices the bullying of a patrol officer by the Chief. He confronted the chief and he was transferred.

Si-mok asks about this discovery and Dong-jae explains the former Prosecutor in charge found this connection. The Prosecution was investigating an assault of a club owner by the waiters working at the same club . The waiter in the club explained the owner paid bribes to the police and they were taking bribes from other bars and clubs in the neighborhood. The club owner explains the suicide of the police officer on Segok police station may be homicide as they bribed the police officer because they are scared of them. They also knew Sergeant Song was enquiring information from other business owner about the bribe.

Dong-jae has called Captain Baek for an interrogation.

Won-Chul is meeting the lawyer Je-sun. He apologizes for the gossip about the Tongyeng incident. His law firm CEO has a job proposal for Won-Chul as well. Won-Chul clearly rejects as he has no plans as of now. Je-sun is bothered about the news of Sungmoon Daily about death of glorified Prosecutor to expose Hanjo corruption. If the Prosecution gets involved, then it will be interupting the power struggle of Hanjo management rights.

Lee Sung-jae let his sister Lee Yeon-jae run the company to avoid getting arrested along with his father. If they defend their dead Chief Secretary did not work with his wife in scheme it will be like helping Yeon-jae in helping getting the management rights. He explains all the executives are siding with the brother as they believed she used her husband to overthrow her father and acquire company. Lawyer suggests that Won -Chul has the choice to decide the next successor of Hanjo group.

Lawyer Je-sun visits Yeon-jae in her house. Je-sun confirms with her he indirectly pursued Won-Chul to work in favour of them. She wants him to secretly work for him.

Si-mok visits the Segok police station and finds where the officer attempted suicide. He tries to imagine himself in the same place and officer and he predicts a scenario where all the colleagues tried to strangulate him.

Detective Jang attends the meeting along with Yeo-jin. When asked for his opinions, he explains the public opinion on police brutality and difficulty in getting warrants.

Meanwhile, Si-mok briefs the interrogation of the Captain to Assist.Chief Woo. He clearly states that the patrol team worked together for 5 years. Only Captain Baek was demoted to one rank as he had no idea about the bribery. He did not admit any charges about suicide so he is planning to visit another member of the team who is in jail right now.

Assistant Chief Woo is happy to hear this news as if this  bullying issue is leaked the public may never trust the police again and this may favour the Prosecution. Both teams get ready for their meeting.


Yeo-jin is feeling nostalgic when she visits Yongsan Police station. She misses the thrill and rush but the most she misses is her colleagues. Captain also feels the same.

Si-mok is still the same, when he understands the purpose of his meet with his colleagues, he leaves them alone in the restaurant and goes to office to do his job. Si-mok is also attentive as he could predict the guest was Dong-jae from his shoes.

Dong-jae was initially startled but was happy to accept working with Si-mok and he is excited about not leaving the investigation authority to the police. My guess is he has good investigation skills but uses it for his own benefit.

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