Stranger Episode 2 Recap

Si-mok checks the timing of the picture taken by the couple and he confirms the restriction line was removed at 7.55 pm. The autopsy showed an estimated time of death around 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm. He drove across the beach around 8.17 pm, so concluding the boys should have reached the beach before 8.15. He reaches the guesthouse where the students stayed. There was a witness statement from an elderly lady who could hear the boys shouting ‘Let’s go to the beach’ around the time of 8.06 pm when her favourite drama telecasted.

Si-mok tries to contact the prosecutor in charge and couldn’t reach him. Meanwhile, Yeo-jin watches news and the identity of the police officer who leaked the news is Director Kim Myeong-Han, senior superintendent general to and he is arrested shortly.

Yeo-jin checks with Chief Choi and asks why the director is arrested by their own people not the prosecution. She explains that she doesn’t want young prosecutor arrest the superdinent general so she made a move. She asks Yeo-jin to update on all the activities of the reformation unit.

Si-mok update the case closure to Yeo-jin and confirms he is gonna complain this to higher ups. Yeo-jin couldn’t believe they closed the case within a day which usually takes 3 months. Yeo-jin was felt uneasy about the case closure and she update the information to Chief Choi.

Next day, Chief Choi goes to meet the dead student father to return his shoes. She explains even though the police did a good job of apprehending the suspects the prosecution did not do a proper investigation. Victim father is angry that his son bought his shoes by doing a part time job and he went on a trip with his friends and he couldn’t believe his son has died.

Chief Choi gives a statement to the press outside the house that he is a good son who kept on updating his whereabouts and he did not die of reckless act. He must not have known about the restriction line hence concluding the prosecution has not done a good job.

Her interview makes a huge backlash to the prosecution. Prosecutor Kang Won-Chul gives a statement and denies the allegations by the police. Won-Chul also hears about Si-mok complaint from the news. Si-mok transfer to Wonju office is put on hold.

Si-mok waits in the parking area until he gets call from Woo Tae-ha who asks him to come and meet him in Supreme Prosecutor Office. Chief Prosecutor meets him and asks if he knows about the Criminal Legislation Division. He explains it is a temporary organisation which puts on plans for prosecution reform and reports to Prosecutor general. Tae-ha explains there has been plans for Prosecution-Police Council by the Commissioner general. He adds the prosecution has been fair in the investigation but Police always protest their decisions and there is always a turf war. He confirms Si-mok is being promoted to Supreme Prosecutor Office instead of Wonju Office.

Si-mok stays in a hotel and visits Won-Chul next morning. He congratulates him on his promotion to Supreme Court. He further confirm that Police chose him as an advisor in the council. He explains they want someone from Prosecutor side and Si-mok may not be able to do the role perfectly. The police were handed rights to open an investigation of any cases in 2011 but now they want the right to close the cases under their jurisdiction. Won-Chul believe if there is an problem in the reform the council will be disbanded and all the members should resign. So Assistant Chief Woo will be using him as a sharp knife for tough jobs. He asks about the beach case but Won-Chul clearly says the couple should have lured the students to beach by removal of restriction line and only if the condition is true they may have indicted them.

Si-mok clearly says the process should take 3 months and not one day. Due to the preferential treatment , the couple did not have a chance to remorse as their childish prank may have caused an accident. Because the immature couple may think that they can get away from law everytime if something like this happen.

Won-Chul is not happy as Si-mok pointed out his mistake. He asks him to get a good lawyer as the police have shown him as good Samaritan in hiding his colleague corruption.(Previous case of Season 1). Won-Chul is determined to bring Hanjo company corruption out.

We see Lee Yeon-jae(Yoon Se-ah) in a meeting with her company employees. She is getting prepared for a lawsuit and stockholder meeting as Seoul Eastern Prosecutor division is out to get him. She sees the article in which she used her husband to get rid of former Chairman and half brother. She is angry about the article and wants to meet the Chief Prosecutor of Eastern Prosecution division.

Seo Dong-jae meets Assistant Chief Woo. He explains he has some information on Choi Bit. He explains about the death of Park Gwang-su former Chief Prosecutor who died of Heart attach while DUI. Dong-jae explains his wife objected that he would never drink a lot and her objection was not recorded in the police report and they closed the case as an illness and no further investigation was conducted. He got this information when he visited his wife during the funeral. He further adds that Namgyu police station chief was Choi- Bit and he was suspicious about her involvement in the cover up.

He did not investigate further and he is planning to use this as gamble against Chief Choi. He insists all the hatred news of the Prosecution is done by Chief Choi. He also provides him other files which has dirt of Chief Choi. Assistant Chief Woo said he will look into this. While leaving, Dong-jae is startled to see Si-mok and he greets him and leaves the office.

Chief Choi and Yeo-jin will be joining the council but other 2 members will provide them support from back end. The other member is from Director of Investigation Bureau. She gives Yeo-jin a task bringing a new member who is working in the field to bring to the team.

Assistant Chief Woo predicts the police will bring 4 members to the reform but they need one more member along with Si-mok. They discuss a possible candidate and finally decide on Kim sa-hyun. Before leaving, Si-mok finds the suicide of a police officer in Segok police station file handed over by Dong-jae to Assistant Chief Woo. He browses some information about the case and plans to have dinner with Yeo-jin.

Jae-young visits Chief Choi and he finds the Prosecution is not backing down in arresting the Intelligence Bureau Director and he suspects someone in Prosecution must have a personal vendetta against him.

Yeo-jin is happy and shocked at the same time to hear that he is gonna join Police-prosecution council and his promotion to Supreme Court Office. Yeo-jin informs the Tongyeng beach case will be closed as the victim family are not pressing charges. Si-mok explains they must have received settlement money. Yeo-jin confesses she gave information to higher ups about the special treatment. Si-mok clarifies he also complained about the case. Suddenly he gets a call from Asst. chief Woo asking him to join dinner with him.

He reaches the place and see Dong-jae along with Asst. chief Woo. He wants both Dong-jae and Si-mok to work together.


This episode shows even though the police and prosecution are fighting against crime they seem to be in two sides of a coin. Both sides are dragging other side down and it is pity to see our lead characters have got stuck in this politics.

I feel that we will not see any huge case like season 1 but the drama between the police and prosecution will be the centre piece of this drama. We will also get to know how the personal choices of the people working in a case may have a huge impact on the consequences of the people.

Looks like Dong-jae hasn’t changed much from his character. He is keen to get promotion and he is ready to use any dirty tricks to get himself in a better position.

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