It’s Okay to be Not Okay Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11- The Ugly Duckling

Moon-young prepares some tea for Park Ok-ran. She wanders off by herself in the mansion and goes to study. She touches her things which Moon-young asks her not to do it. She confronts her as she takes her pen and it hurts Moon-young hand. Moon-young hesitates to react and she keeps the pen back in the place. Ok-ran asks if she is lonely on her birthday and she is fan of Hui-jae.

Kang-tae rushes to her home and hugs Moon-young and asks if she is alright. He enquiries about whereabouts of Park Ok-ran and was about to leave in search of her but Moon-young holds him. She was so angry that he never came for her on her birthday. She goes to the bedroom and hides under her blanket. He follows her and bandages her wounded hand. She shouts at him as his words were more hurtful than her wound. Suddenly he kisses her hard in her lips to stop her from speaking. wound her hand gives her a long kiss. He wishes her for birthday and accepts he missed her.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Director asks the staff to stay alert as the runaway patient may return. He also asks the staff to inform the latest whereabouts of Park Ok-ran to the police as well.

Jae-su goes to Sang-tae room to spend night with him as Kang-tae had an emergency at the hospital. Jae-su asks about the fabric doll. Sang-tae explains it is Mang-tae and they are three brothers along with Kang-tae. Jae-su wants to brothers with Sang-tae as well but he rejects him as they don’t share same surname.

Kang-tae is sick and Moon-young takes care of him. He hugs her and they both fall asleep.

Ju-ri meets Manager and apologize for throwing up in his car. She give him some money for cleaning. Manager accepts the money and asks her for a date. She happily accepts.

Next morning, Kang-tae explains to her about his brother’s traumatic memory. Their mother was murdered and Sang-tae was only witness. He got scared of butterflies from that incident and they have to move from one place to another whenever spring approaches. He asks her to stay by her side and he will stay by his brother’s side. She happily agrees.

Director and another patient meet and they discuss about Ok-ran. He heard she has been acting weird for a couple months and she had many plastic surgeries.

Senior nurse asks Ju-ri to clear Ok-ran bed as she may not come back. Ju-ri asks Kang-tae to do it. Kang-tae clears up her bed and takes her belongings in a box. He goes through her belongings alone and Director joins him. He is curious about Park Ok-ran showing up in Moon-young house. Kang-tae opens up about Sang-tae fear of butterflies and requests the director to cure his trauma. Director gladly accepts.

Moon-young shows up in Jae-su pizza place and orders lots of pizza for takeaway. She meets with Sang-tae and asks him to move back as she got a inspiration for a new book. Sang-tae declines the idea. Moon-young asks him to pay the penalty three fold as he broke the contract. She gives him a choice either to come work for her or pay a penalty.

Moon-young meets with Kang-tae in his hospital. Kang-tae guesses she couldn’t make any progress with Sang-tae and adds it took Jae-su 10 years to become friends with them. Sang-tae believe Moon-young is taking Kang-tae away from him. So he asks Moon-young to earn his trust and show that she will become family with the brothers.

At nurse station, nurses discussed about worsening situation of Mr.Ko Dae-Hwan.

Ju-ri takes her day off to have date with Sang-in. On hearing her plans, her mother adds some lipstick in her face and asks her to stay late and have some fun.

Ju-ri and Sang-in meet at the café. She asks if there are any family members other than her father. Manager replies she had no one. She explains Moon-young father tumor is back and the condition is untreatable. Manager adds her lipstick is nice and asks about her drunkard behaviour. They had a really good chat about each other.

At home, Sang-tae is checking up his savings to see if he can pay Moon-young. Sang-tae is happy that he got tips at his work because of Moon-young. Sang-tae is watching his favourite cartoon. Kang-tae asks if he is an adult. Sang-tae replies he can also be an adult. Kang-tae shows the cartoon character Ko Gil-Dong accepted other people as family by considering himself as an adult.

Kang-tae asked the art director to stay with Moon-young as she will be alone. Moon-young is thrilled by the idea and is happy.

Sang-tae is almost done with his painting. Director asks him to draw butterflies in his painting. He will only pay him after his painting is done.

Sang-tae brings all his painting materials to home. Kang-tae asks for a reason. Sang-tae doesn’t want to complete the painting. They put up a fight and they both beat each other hard.

Kang-tae and Jae-su meet at the rooftop. Kang-tae is relieved that he had a fight with Sang-tae. Jae-su couldn’t believe as he had changed so much. He explains that both brothers have been alone for a long time and it is time to socialize with other people. They are gonna start with Moon-young as she is the loneliest person.

Ju-ri and her mother takes care of Sang-tae wounds. Sang-tae is angry and declares he and his brother are gonna be strangers forever.

Moon-young goes to sleep as Kang-tae is not replying to her messages. She hears a sound downstairs and goes to check. Art director is sound asleep and when she opens the door she sees Kang-tae. They both go out for a late dinner.She is curious about his injury. He explains his fight with Sang-tae. She asks about his dream. He replies he had 3 dreams and 2 of them came true. One is to go on a trip and have a fight with his brother. The final one is to attend school in uniform.

We see he imagines himself having a snack with his friends while Moon-young is reading a book in another table. He follows her and was about to speak to her ,Sang-tae drags him. Moon-young says she know him. Kang-tae smiles.

Kang-tae sleep talks that he likes her . Sang-tae checks his expression and knows he is happy.

Next day, Manager visit Moon-young house. He is happy that she has decided to write the book and the illustrator is Sang-tae. He coonveys her father may die as his brain tumor has come back. Moon-young replies she is an orphan and her dad died when she was 12.

Sang-tae calls Kang-tae at work. He takes his savings money and treats him to lunch. He gives him allowance as well. He declares himself as adult and will take care of his younger brother as well.

Before leaving, Moon-young wants Sang-tae to pay the bill. Sang-tae avoids her. Moon-young asks him to accept her as a family as she is an orphan and she wants a big brother like him. Sang-tae thinks hard and finally agrees. Sang-tae and Kang-tae return back to Moon-young home.

In the basement, someone is combing her hair and takes the butterfly brooch.


Sang-tae, you are simply awesome. If people had been so simple and understanding as Sang-tae,then there will be only happy families. He understood his brother’s sacrifices and starts behaving as an adult.

Ju-ri has moved on from Kang-tae and her date with Manager went pretty much good. We can hope they will announce their relationship soon. The sad part of the episode is the brain tumor of Dae-Hwan is back and the prognosis is not good.

We are pretty much sure that Moon-young mother did not die. But her motives still remains a mystery. Let’s hope for a good plot development in the coming episodes.

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