It’s Okay to be Not Okay Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10

Director gives Sang-tae some sedatives and he asks Kang-tae to get some fresh air while the hospital looks after him. Kang-tae keeps on walking and Moon-young follows him. After a long walk, Moon-young consoles him that he is a coward as he hesitated for a second to save his brother. But he is not malicious. Kang-tae asks her to leave ever since she saved his life ,he had been living a hard life. Moon-young cries.

The patient gossip about Kang-tae. Senior nurse give them a earful to the caregiver and doctor requesting them to think before they speak. Senior nurse meets with Park Ok-ran and they discuss about her feel in the hospital. But Ok-ran is interested in Kang-tae and his brother. Senior nurse thinks there may be a misunderstanding between the brothers. Ok-ran comments that Othello killed his wife because of a misunderstanding.

In Ju-ri home , Jae-su couldn’t reach Kang-tae and he scolds Moon-young for this incident. Manager supports Moon-young and curses Kang-tae as she is not interested in writing a new book. Their arguments becomes heated and Ju-ri mother stops them. Kang-tae waits in the hospital by Sang-tae door. Meanwhile Moon-young cares for the flower given by Kang-tae.

Director asks Sang-tae to come out of his room as he is gonna take Kang-tae to his office. Director asks Kang-tae to be strong as someday Sang-tae will be the one helping him. The brothers have been relying on each other for a lot of time. Kang-tae thought he forgot about the event. Director replies autism people had a good memory so Sang-tae might have used his emotions to hide it. He asks Kang-tae to come back at work as the other caregiver is not doing a good job and he has taken care of assault incident.

Jae-su visits him in the hospital and asks him to stay away from Moon-young. Kang-tae explains he has woken up from his dream (thinking about his happy memories of Moon-young) and he will take care of his brother. Jae-su brings Sang-tae some pizza but he is still hesitant to come out. Park Ok-ran drops a book to Sang-tae in his isolation room.

Next day, Kang-tae is at work, Moon-young visits him. He describes their relationship as ill-fated and asks her to stop meddling into his life. He asks her to leave as her brother is already a handful. He begs her and Moon-young is in tears and want to hold on to him. Kang-tae describes her as a firecracker and she should disappear when the fun is over. She cries and he leaves her alone.

Kang-tae cries while holding Sang-tae hands in the hospital. Moon-young cries alone in her house seeing the empty beds of brothers.

Art director is asked to visit Moon-young by Manager. Manager gives Ju-ri a ride to the hospital as he is visiting Seoul for some business. But unfortunately his car breaks down and Ju-ri takes a taxi.

Senior nurse gives a brachiosaurus doll to Sang-tae. He is happy and describes the dinosaur. She asks about his mom. Sang-tae explains his mom is good to him but bad to Kang-tae.

Kang-tae is still depressed but Ju-ri mother tries to cheer him by her home cooked meal. She assures that she will take Sang-tae to home and asks him to pull himself together. Ju-ri asks him to come home and asks him to make amends with Sang-tae. She says it is okay to be selfish if things are too stressful. He asks for a selfish favour for him.

Moon-young sends frequent blackmail messages to make Kang-tae come back home. She pretend to be sick even. Kang-tae ignores her and sends Ju-ri in her place. Ju-ri packs some essentials for Kang-tae and Sang-tae in Moon-young place. She offers some wine to Ju-ri. Ju-ri says she is till afraid of her, hates her and also jealous. Ju-ri is drunk and she starts cursing her. She falls asleep in the table.

Kang-tae buys some instant food in supermarket and goes home to visit Sang-tae. Sang-tae hides himself in wardrobe Kang-tae sits outside the wardrobe and asks for forgiveness. He apologizes for the childhood incident and his harsh words. He cries and apologies for everything. Sang-tae hugs him and asks not to abandon him. Kang-tae couldn’t sleep and he sees the picture of him and Moon-young.

Manager comes to take Ju-ri home. Moon-young asks if he likes her or Ju-ri most.Manager explains he likes them both in separate ways and people can’t be numbered. He asks if she is okay being alone again. She is bored and couldn’t feel warmth. Manager explains she is missing him hence her mixed emotions.

Ju-ri leaves for work and finds Kang-tae in the bus stop. Kang-tae asks if her health is good in casual manner. Ju-ri asks why he speaks in polite manner. Flashback, we see last night events unfold. Ju-ri in drunkard state shouts at Kang-tae as she and Moon-young had become friends again. She asks he still speaks politely to her but casually to Moon-young and asks him to speak with her casually as well.

Kang-tae ignores call from Moon-young. He is not feeling well but he pretends he is good. Moon-young gets a call from her Manager and he convey birthday wishes and asks to have dinner with him in a fancy restaurant.

Senior nurse visits Kang-tae and asks him to keep an eye on Ok-ran as she is provoking patients. In the garden, Ok-ran hums a song, Dae-Hwan tries to choke her. He shouts she is a monster. He should have killed his daughter the same day as she is also a monster. Kang-tae drags him and corrects him Moon-young is not a monster.

Kang-tae reports the events to the director of the hospital. He exply Dae-Hwan calls only his wife a monster. Kang-tae says he might be mistaken. Director doubts she may be the Do Hui-jae who disappeared without a trace.

Moon-young visits Ju-ri mother for a meal. She cooks seaweed soup as a birthday gift. Manager and Art director see her and convey birthday wishes. Manager gists her a pendant as a birthday present. She quickly wears it.

Moon-young visits Sang-tae. But Sang-tae doesn’t want to open the door even though she threatens to break down the door. Sang-tae opens the door. She gives Mang-tae to Sang-tae and asks him to be friends with her again. She reminds him it is her birthday today. Sang-tae shouts everything is a lie and goes inside and shuts the door tight.

He shouts they both kept kun for themselves and throws his drawing of camping van out.She starts saying him the story ‘Yhe Boy cried over the Wolf’.

‘The Shepherd boy lie to the villagers. The boy repeatedly lied to the villagers that a real wolf showed up.Do you know why the boy tricked villagers like that?’

Sang-tae says he must be bored. But Moon-young says he was lonely and all alone in mountains.

Kang-tae is about to get off work. Ok-ran has injured his colleague and run away. His colleague quotes that she wanted to meet someone as today is an important day. Kang-tae connects the pieces together and rushes to Moon-young sensing she might be in danger. Moon-young opens up her door to see Park Ok-ran singing a birthday song to her. Kang-tae rushes to see her.


Heart breaking episode. Kang-tae finally found a way to he happy but he broke up with her. I just wish Sang-tae understand his brother feelings soon. We can’t control others life, even though someone cared you all his life. Let’s hope Sang-tae understand his brother feelings in the upcoming episodes.

Ju-ri had a good character development as she reconciled with Moon-young and started to let go of Kang-tae. Unrequited love is hard and she is slowly picking up paces to see Kang-tae as a friend. Is Park Ok-ran really her mother? . She faked her death to escape from her husband. Let’s wait for the next episode to see what happens next!!

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