It’s Okay to be Not Okay Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 King Donkey Ears

Kang-tae asks Moon-young to run away with him as he has got suspended. Moon-young plans for a trip but Kang-tae suggests that they should be back in a day as he can’t stay away from Sang-tae for the night. Moon-young becomes furious and drops Kang-tae in the beach alone.

Kang-tae visits Jae-su in his restaurant. Jae-su asks why he is behaving strange these days. He thinks it may be because of Moon-young. Kang-tae wants to have some fun. Jae-su complains about his new roommate and Kang-tae asks him to sleep in their place. He also asks him to take care of Sang-tae when he is away. He happily accept.

Ju-ri mother , Sang-tae and director of the hospyy have lunch. Ju-ri mother couldn’t believe outburst of Kang-tae. Director replies he has been holding his feelings for long and hence his outburst. Director confides to Sang-tae he had feelings for Ju-ri mother in his younger days. Ju-ri mother retaliate she rejected him 3 times as he always behaved like a genius or complete idiot.

Lee A-reum is getting discharged by her parents as her ex-husband found her in the hospital. Senior nurse suggests she still needs treatment. Director replies the situation is out of control as his parents needs the discharge. Jeong-tae is in tears on hearing the news.

Moon-young and Sang-tae becomes friends over a cartoon character Ko gil-dong. Sang-tae happily replies he is same as Gil-dong, as he cares for his older brother and his guardian. Moon-young suggests they can be best friends. Meanwhile Kang-tae returns home.

Kang-tae and Moon-young have a heartful talk in the balcony. He says he had no fun in his entire life so one day of fun is enough to make him happy. They agree to go on a trip and he bends down for a kiss. It is interrupted by a deer noise. They both do not get any sleep at night as they think about the events of the day.

Ju-ri and art manager grab a drink. Ju-ri thought she could fill Kang-tae empty life and regrets about her one sided crush. Art manage consoles her and assures her she will get a good laid-back business man for her personality. Manager overhears their conversation and is happy.

Sang-tae is overjoyed that he and Moon-young have become best friends. Kang-tae asks him to wait at Jae-su and he will be back by evening.

Director and Dae-Hwan takes a walk. Director appreciate Moon-young fairy tale class as the patients like it. Dae-Hwan comments that she is a monster and her angel looks devices everyone around her. He killed her but he doesn’t know how she came back. He is scared as she has come to kill him.

Moon-young has put up a circus show with her dress. Kang-tae gets a call from director and asks him meet with him urgently. Director guess that he is going on a date with Moon-young. Kang-tae asks if people overdress to showoff. Director replies people dress a lot to protect themselves and asks him to protect Moon-young. He adds that her mother may be alive and may come back to see her husband and her daughter. So he asks him to be there for Moon-young.

Sang-tae and Moon-young have a meeting. She asks if Kang-tae likes someone. He replies his brother adores only him. Since he gave Mang-tae to her , Kang-tae belongs only to him. Moon-young asks if he has hated his brother. Sang-tae refuses to answer. She reminds him of the story ‘King Donkey Ears’ and keeping a secret to oneself will cause a frustration. She pressed him more for a answer but he leaves the room without giving her an answer.

Jae-su picks Sang-tae and wants to hang out with him. They meet manager who is taking a bath in the rooftop half naked. Manager asks him to join, Sang-tae runs away as he hates water.

Kang-tae comments to Moon-young that she and her brother are alike as they don’t give anything for free. They reach a Shaky bridge and wants to cross. Moon-young is scared. Kang-tae says he wanted to come here and enjoy the view but he couldn’t because of Sang-tae. Finally they cross the bridge and take pictures together.

Their trip is interrupted by the Jeong-tae and A-reum. They both have run away and they want money to stay for the room. Kang-tae argues it is against the rules. They beg him as they may have to part ways tomorrow. Moon-young pays for their room and books a room for them as well.

Kang-tae drags her alone and asks him to stay alone since he can’t be away from Sang-tae. Moon-young suggests they should keep a close watch as the pair may run away  without returning to the hospital. Kang-tae takes the tough decision to stay with them.

In Ju-ri house, there is a big feast. Manager tries to be nice to Ju-ri. Art director guesses that Kang-tae and Moon-young may have gone trip together. Others reject the idea, while Ju-ri and Manager goes to the shop to buy beer.

On the way back home, Manager comments that Moon-young is always alone and tend to push away others so he stuck up with her.Ju-ri thinks both of them are alike, hence they are in love. Manager comments there may be funny reasons to like someone and recounts his incident with Ju-ri.

Moon-young and Kang-tae have some fruit marmalade. Kang-tae was nervous when he breaks the news of staying the night out to Sang-tae. Sang-tae asks him to call if he is bored. Moon-young teases him about his white lie. Kang-tae recalls that his mom will be happy if she knows Sang-tae has found a friend. Moon-young recalls she too had a friend who understood her.

Flashback, we see Ju-ri classmates tease her. But everybody is scared of Moon-young. So they eventually become friends. But soon , Ju-ri becomes friends with everyone. Seeing this Moon-young harasses everyone and they once again avoid Ju-ri. Ju-ri breaks her friendship with Moon-young. In present, we see Ju-ri reading Moon-young books.

Kang-tae comments they can still be friends. But Moon-young is satisfied with Kang-tae and she has a best friend. They put up a cute fight before going to sleep. Kang-tae restrains himself and hugs her and asks her to sleep quietly.

Next day, Sang-tae is asleep in the table. He wakes up and calls his brother but couldn’t reach him. Kang-tae gives flowers to Moon-young and gives her a short kiss in her lips. He asks her not to trample on the flowers and admires her she is pretty as the flowers.

Moon-young have given the couple a huge money so they can stay together. A-reum is happy for her generosity. But Jeong-tae wants himself completely treated before running away with her. He asks her to wait as they want their love to be true and doesn’t want others to treat them as runaway couple.

Jeong-tae returns backs to the hospital with Moon-young and Kang-tae. Moon-young explains he is foolish to not run away. Kang-tae explains he loved her a lot hence he was ready to let her go.Kang-tae goes on to check Sang-tae.

Jeong-tae is happy about his trip and he confides his encounter with Kang-tae and Moon-young to other patients. Other caregiver eavesdrop their conversation and spreads to the entire hospital that Moon-young and Kang-tae had a date night.

Sang-tae overhears the conversation and shouts at his brother for his lie. He also adds that while they were children, Kang-tae had wished his brother had died. Hearing this, Kang-tae breaks down in tears. The entire hospital staff watches this in shock and Moon-young is in tears as she witness the whole thing.


Smile,pleaaasssss. The cat is out of the bag. We see how happy a person can be when he smiles. Kang-tae is finally happy after waiting for 8 episodes, he finally let go of his emotions and enjoys the date with Moon-young. He confesses his feelings and is extremely overjoyed. Moon-young is caring as she tries to understand Kang-tae emotions and slows her pace in her way of things. We see why Ju-ri friendship falls apart and Ju-ri is also trying to be mature in letting go of Kang-tae finally. Sang-tae finally recalls the childhood incident and shouts at his brother. It’s like an improvement in each life but Kang-tae stepping out of his comfort zone is bring consequences in everyone life.

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