It’s Okay to be Not Okay Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 Beauty and the Beast

Moon-young informs to Kang-tae she cut off her leash and she is free from her mother. Kang-tae is happy and compliments her. Next day, Sang-tae was not happy with Moon-young haircut. He keeps on reminding about her long hair even though Kang-tae tries his best to distract him. Kang-tae leaves for work and Moon-young quietly nods she will wait for him at home and asks him not to be late.

At hospital, the caregiver at night shift informs Moon that Dae-Hwan had a seizure last night. Nurse asks Kang-tae to change dress for Dae-Hwan. He slowly talks about the woman who died is alive in the hospital and he even hear her singing ‘Oh my Darling, Clementine’.

In the house, Moon-young is frustrated after reading comments about her in internet and she asks Sang-tae if he is a fan of her. Sang-tae liked her a lot as she is pretty but also liked her long hair. Moon-young gets angry and ends the meeting.

Art director and manager are having breakfast. Art director provides background check on Nam Ju-ri to the manager as per his request. He comes to know about his mom who works as cook in hospital and his tenants as well. He asks if he is better than Kang -tae. Art director honestly replies his face looks old.

Director finds from CCTV that a patient Park Ok-ran is seen in hallway when Dae-Hwan had seizure in the hallway. Moon brings the patient and asks about yesterday incident. She lies that she did not see Dae-Hwan nor she sang any song. Director checks the CCTV agin and finds she is signing the Clementine song in the hallway at night.

Director doesn’t understand why the patient lied and asks Kang-tae to keep an eye on her. He asks to keep this as secret between them as well. Sensing an opportunity, Kang-tae asks the Director to resume Moon-young classes to maintain the secret. He accepts the deal.

Moon-young tags along with Sang-tae to have lunch in the Chinese restaurant with Kang-tae. It starts to rain, and Moon-young sees how Kang-tae shares his umberalla with his brother so that he doesn’t get wet. Moon-young holds her umberalla for Kang-tae and her as well. Kang-tae and Moon-young goes for a coffee and Sang-tae watches them from his bus.

In the coffee shop, Choi Daniel(played by himself) approaches Moon-young saying he is a fan. She remarks their meet as destiny and asks him to join them. She gives her phone number while signing an autograph. She asks Kang-tae to take a picture of them and Daniel puts his hand around her. Kang-tae was angry and asks why she does like this. Moon-young says he is handsome and her books will sell more for her photo with her fans. Her manager asked her to do so. Kang-tae says she is an author and not a celebrity. Kang-tae leaves to the hospital, while Moon-young admires the pen she stole from him.

Manager visits Ju-ri mom in the hospital and  asks for a place to stay. The mother and daughter duo decide to make him stay with Jae-su. Jae-su is frustrated over the decision and he shouts over his frustration. Sang-tae is lost in thoughts.

Manager follows Ju-ri and he wanted to stay in his house as he likes her and she is kind as well. Kang-tae confronts the Manager and asks why he uses cheap tactics with Moon-young to sell her books.

Kang-tae catches two patients who are flirting in secret in the linen room. They plead with Kang-tae to let go away this time. Kang-tae asks them not to get caught next time as this will be their warning.

Kang-tae comes home and find both Moon-young and Sang-tae fighting over the nightmare doll. Kang-tae stops the fight and Sang-tae hides himself in the wardrobe and Moon-young leaves to her room. Kang-tae explains to Sang-tae as he forgot about this doll and this doll couldn’t catch the butterflies. Sang-tae is still not satisfied as he will be left alone if he gives all he has. Kang-tae assures that his brother will have him when no one is there. Sang-tae agrees to give Mang-tae to Moon-young but not Kang-tae.

Kang-tae stitches the doll and gives to Moon-young as Sang-tae has given permission. He also asks for a favour to be cool whenever Sang-tae gets worked up. She says they are meant for each other as a bomb and a safety pin as he endures everything and suppress his anger. Kang-tae asks her to say those things to her handsome fan. Moon-young corrects his misunderstanding by saying Kang-tae is more handsome than anyone and asks him not to be jealous. She lies on his lap and falls asleep.

Jae-su has shaved the manager mustache as the bubble gum got stuck while he was sleeping.  Ju-ri mother appreciates him as he looks so handsome.Art director has taken  cleaning duty while the stay with them.They all have breakfast together. Ju-ri drives her mom to work. Mother knows the manager is interested in her and also knows Kang-tae doesn’t want to reciprocate her daughter feelings.

They meet Moon-young and the brothers in the hospital. Ju-ri mother invites Moon-young to have some food in her house and Ju-ri drags her away.

Moon-young meets the director. Director confess to her that Kang-tae threatened to resume her class else he will not to do what he asks for. He also asks if she knows Park Ok-ran from her class. She replies she knows her.

Kang-tae and the patient meet up. He is happy that Kang-tae hid the incident for him and A-reum. He will be discharged soon so he will miss her like crazy. Kang-tae thinks the same way over Moon-young.

Moon-young is reciting the story about Beauty and Beast. Moon-young comments the story is about Stockholm syndrome.

‘The beast lived alone in a castle because of a curse.He holds lady named Belle as hostage in the castle and groom this victim of his.’

A-reum stands up and shouts the story is wrong. The beast turns into a true prince because of Belle true love. Her love calmed the Beast violent nature.

A-reum is visited by her divorced husband. He chases to the garden and asks her to move back with him once she is discharged. She disagrees and he promises he will never hit her back. When he tries to force her, he throws her drinking tin and stops him. He slaps Moon-young. Before she could react, Kang-tae arrives at the scene and beats him. A-reum stops him and he asks Moon-young if she is okay.

Director suspends Kang-tae without pay. He packs his belongings and leave and all the patients are sad at his departure. He smiles and says he is finally happy to run away with Moon-young.


Wow, finally both lead characters have realised they have fallen in love. Kang-tae couldn’t stop staring at her in the series and the way he got to resume the classes prove he has fallen in love. Moon-young realize only through the beauty and beast story as she understands true love heals the wounded soul. Sang-tae jealousy toward Moon-young is acceptable as practically Kang-tae has taken care of him the whole life. We see Manager huge crush on Ju-ri is funny touch to this episode. The mystery deepens about the song. Maybe the patient Ok-ran knows something about Moon-young mom disappearance. We still don’t know how Kang-tae mother died. Maybe they were linked in the past. I am eager to watch the next episode. See you people in next recap.

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