It’s Okay to be Not Okay Episode 6 Recap


Kang-tae enters the castle and finds Sang-tae fast asleep in the couch. He finds Moon in the balcony and asks when he knew about her. He says he knew she is the girl from childhood the day they met. He says her eyes made him  remember. She replies he does know how to put ubp an act and asks why did he fool him. She just wanted him to recognise her. He says he wanted to avoid her and property end it today. He finally thanks her for saving her life and he confesses he liked her first. But he regretted the moment he ran away from her. She says he still doesn’t have feelings for her. He apologizes to her stating her brother is already handful and leaves. She asks him to care like her brother. But he rejects her saying he is done with doing it and leaves.

She runs after him and asks if he is grateful that she saved his life and asks him to stay with her. He says he is living a fucked up life ever since the day she saved him. She asks him not to go else she will kill him. Kang-tae says he has been living a fucked up life ever since and goes to fetch Sang-tae. Sang-tae doesn’t want to leave as he had made a promise. He shows the contract stating he has to live in the employee house till his work his done. Kang-tae tears the contract and shouts this is not their home.

Sang-tae pushes his brother outside and hits his brother hard and shouts his brother does not own him. His life belongs only to him. Moon holds Sang-tae hand and pat’s him in the back and asks him to go inside. Sang-tae goes inside and Moon harshly says his brother abandoned him. She gives him a choice either to abandon his brother or to let him lock Kang-tae life. Kang-tae was shocked by the incidents and leaves the place.

Flashback, we see Kang-tae coming home excitedly to show he got red belt. Sang-tae is heavily beaten and his mom beats Kang-tae where he went instead of protecting his brother. She keeps on beating and finally he breaks down shouting ‘Kang-tae belongs only to Kang-tae’ and he wishes his brother die and runs away dropping his karate red belt. Sang-tae chases him. After a long chase, they finally reconcile. They play in the lake covered in ice.

Suddenly , the ice cracks and Sang-tae falls in. Kang-tae jumps into the water and pushes him out but Sang-tae leaves the water shivering. Kang-tae shouts to Sang-tae for help. We see Moon is watching all these incidents and she decide to help Kang-tae. She drops a large ice block and saves him. He asks her to wait but she leaves quietly.

Back in the present, Sang-tae checks the door every minute to see if Kang-tae is coming. Moon reassures him that his brother will not abandon him. Kang-tae sits in his home and reads the crumbled contract paper. Sang-tae has agreed once his work is done he doesn’t need money but a camping van as his brother does not want to move homes. Kang-tae cries silently.

Ju-ri mother visits him and asks about his injuries and whereabouts of Sang-tae. Sang-tae was employed as an illustrator. Ju-ri mother says it is a good news and he should root for him. She says he took good care of him and now it is time for him to do what he wants.

Manager buys lots of pastries before visiting Moon in her mansion. Sang-tae is asleep by the door and manager is shocked in seeing him there. He asks him to fire him from the job. Moon says she can’t and he is her exclusive illustrator. Sang-tae and the art director introduces themselves. Manager says he is against this team. Manager asks how she is going to care for him if she can’t take care of her self. Moon laughs and says she has a safety pin and we see Kang-tae standing by the door.

Sang-tae introduces his brother and apologies to him. Moon pushes both manager and art director outside her house. She gets her car from him as well.

Jae-su comes home and find both brothers are gone. He calls Kang-tae and shouts in frustration. Ju-ri mother informs Ju-ri about his move and she throws a tantrum.

Kang-tae says he has some conditions. He lists the conditions and finally asks Moon to respect Sang-tae. He asks for her promise and  trust. She says since it a promise to him she will keep it. She shows the library and says it is his workplace. Sang-tae says he is happy and he loves books. Moon asks if Kang-tae likes travelling as Sang-tae asked for a camping car. He say he never traveled anywhere. Sang-tae says that have moved 17 times and he says they move because it follows them. Before Moon can enquiry, Kang-tae asks them to show their room.She shows her childhood room and Sang-tae is excited as they have bed.

Sang-tae hears the something in the basement and when he is about to visit the basement , Moon stops him and starts telling the story about ‘Bluebeard’.

‘Once upon a time a count with a blue beard lived alone in a huge castle. He was wealthy but everyone avoided him our of fear because of his blue beard. But one day a poor woman visited his castle and said she wanted to be his bride.Brimming with joy, Bluebeard bought all jewels and treasures from each room and gave them to as a gift. However there was an exception ,the room in the basement. He warned her not to go into the room.But his curious wife opened the room and found corpses of woman displayed in the walls. They are his previous wives who have ignored the warning. That’s how they all ended up’.

Flashback,We see Moon father showing her mother the beautiful house and we see young Moon opening the door of the basement and finds her mom dead inside the room.

Sang-tae says the Bluebeard story to Kang-tae. Kang-tae asks Sang-tae not to go to other rooms as this is not their house. Sang-tae asks why Bluebeard lived alone in a big castle as he is different. He replies one day he will find his true love and it is okay to be different. Moon overhears the conversation and she is happy.

A patient and the director secretly meet in the utility room. The director bribes the patient with soda and gets information on other patients as they are not honest with their doctors.

Moon wakes up next day to see her entire house cleaned. The brothers woke up early, cleaned the house, washed the sheets and made breakfast. Moon is so happy and they all have breakfast together.

In the hospital we see the patient Kang Eun-ja calls her daughter and asks her to come soon. She says Gang-tae is a good match. Other patients complain to the nurse that she stole money and food from them and will return it to them when her daughter visits her.

Sang-tae paints a beautiful mural and the director requests he will draw a beautiful butterfly. Sang-tae repeats butterflies can’t come there and doesn’t allow the director to draw.

Moon-young senses someone is following her. Eun-ja approaches her and says she is her mom. Meanwhile ,patients are ready for literature class but Moon-young is nowhere to be found. Kang-tae goes in search for her. Eun-ja says she is prettiest in while world. Moon-young asks if she is really her mom.  She replies she found a good looking man for her. Before Moon-young shouts at her, Kang-tae drags her away. She adds her daughter plays flute and plays in a huge orchestra in Germany.

Kang-tae meets Haeng-ja and asks about Eun-ja conditions. She is suffering from physcotic depression, a serious form of depression which cause hallucinations and delusions. She receives beneficiary as a medical welfare and her daughter died few months back. She couldn’t accept thee fact her daughter is gone.

In literature class, Moon-young asks a patient to read the story loud. She reads the story and the conversation between her Eun-ja keeps on repeating in her head. She suddenly shouts to stop the story and the class is dismissed. Kang-tae goes in search for her but couldn’t find her.

Art director and the Manager visit Kang-tae secretly with the materials of current trend of children book material and asks him to leave her. He asks for the reason and the manager shouts he has taken his spot and wants to leave her. He replies he doesn’t want to do it.

He finds Sang-tae having lunch with Ju-ri and her mother. They request him to join them and since he couldn’t reach Moon-young by phone, he joins them for lunch.

Moon-young watches everyone getting well without her and leaves the place. She meets Eun-ja again. Eun- ja keeps on repeating she found a nice guy and she as her mom will do  the matchmaking. Moon -young finally gets angry and shouts her mom is dead. She adds her blood is still stained in the floor and asks her to wake up from her dream. Eun-ja faints and Moon-young leaves.

In home, Moon-young doesn’t leave her room, Kang-tae and she doesn’t want to come out to eat. He is worried for her. Meanwhile Moon-young visits her basement and sees the blood stained floor, portraits of her parents and sits in a dressing table. Flashback, we see her mother combing her hair and says she is special. Suddenly she pulls her hair and shouts she will kill the prince who comes to save her. Moon-young shouts in her sleep. In hearing the screams, Kang-tae arrives at her room and asks her to wake up from her dream. She asks him to leave but holds his dress. He replies he will not leave and hugs her tightly. She falls asleep.


What a good ending to this episode. Both lead characters misses their mother. One mom wanted to control her in all aspects, another wanted to take care of only his brother. They both are devoid of mother’s love. The mystery is both their mothers died tragically and the episodes still don’t give a clue about who killed them. It’s likely that she gets what she wants, sensing Sang-tae as her weakness , she uses Sang-tae to bait Kang-tae. But it helps Sang-tae as he completes the mural in the hospital and she gets to have some housemates who brings warmth to her home. Her obsession also turns out to be good for her in a way. Her manager struggle to make her start write a new book adds a comic sense to this episode. I am seriously looking forward to the next episode. See you in the next recap.

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