It’s Okay to be Not Okay Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 Rapunzel and the cursed castle

Kang-tae takes Moon in her motorcycle in the rain. He takes her to a motel and asks her to freshen up. Motel owner asks them if they want a themed room or a mirror room thinking they are a couple. Sensing the misunderstanding Kang-tae asks Moon to go home in taxi. She asks for money as she didn’t bring her wallet or phone and she thought she will walk like a crazy woman in rain. He asks her to think before act and and  something may happened to her in the dark remote road.

She asks why he is angry or upsetting and does this make his heart ache. She asks if he likes her as she has no clue. He tries to say something and leaves.He doesn’t have any money on him. She asks if he left the house instinctively and asks him to start the bike.

Kang-tae takes her to his home and she says it is a tiny space. He gives her clothes and asks him to change over. She asks about his brother and he asks her to leave her brother alone. Moon asks if he also wants the same thing as her.He asks what her face expression shows her. She says she is not interested. Kang-tae takes her and shows her a chart with facial expressions. He asks her to memorize it. She says she is not autistic. He says she is not a zombie kid either as he had only desire to eat. All he needed was warmth and he touches her cheeks with his hands. This is what you tried to say in the book. Moon rejects it and say all he wanted was to eat. The kid is zombie and all he wanted was to eat and even his mother limbs.

She is hungry and she goes to bathroom to wash up. Kang-tae finds Sang-tae hitting himself in the wall. Kang-tae apologizes to him for yelling earlier and asks him to forgive him. Ju-ri mom made him food and he takes it to his room to eat so that he can share with Moon. Moon says his landlady is a good cook. Kang-tae asks if she eats at home. She replies doesn’t have a mom to cook for her.

We see a ghostly figure in the hospital. The other caregiver says he heard a humming sound. She explains a patient who is a physchic says there is a ghost on hall way. The caregiver is startled and he becomes alert. Ju-ri asks the senior nurse about the incident with Moon’s father. Senior nurse says he might have post surgical complications. She replies he may be aggressive towards his daughter as he is scared of her. Senior nurse asks her to set personal feelings aside and to be a professional.

Moon tries to sleep there , but Kang-tae asks her to leave. They put up a cute little fight. Jae-su comes to his house to have dinner. He comes outside and gives some reason and somehow avoids Jae-su coming to the house.  The door is locked and he asks Moon to open it. Moon says she will open the door only if they sleep side by side else she will call Sang-tae to sleep. He calls Jae-su and says the pipe burst and asks Sang-tae to sleep in Jae-su room.

She appreciates him as a good actor as his lie has a lot of sincerity. He explains his brother always watches his face and predicts his emotions. So even if he is unbearable pain he pretends to be happy for Sang-tae. He explains it is easy thing to do smile for his brother. Moon asks him to smile for her. It’s getting late and he asks her to sleep. She asks if he did the same fake smile when he was in childhood. He couldn’t remember. She asks if he remembers or misses the woman from his childhood. He tries to forget her even though she saved her life he ran away.

She consoles him by explaining he picked her up from road instead of running away. He regrets it. But she is smitten by it and she sleeps. In the morning Ju-ri comes from night shift and goes to Kang-tae house. She sees Moons and asks what she is doing in her house. She says she is here as she slept here and she asks if she is the one who suggested Kang-tae to move to her place. She asks if she likes him and confessed her feelings towards him. Moon says she confessed her love to him and she is says he always belong to her. Ju-ri says she will use people as objects and says hers is obsession. Moon fires back saying she is a two faced bitch as she bad mouth people at backs and acts all innocent before them.

Ju-ri slaps her and she holds her hair and they fight. Everyone comes at the scene. Kang-tae drags Moon away from the house and asks her to go to her home. She asks him to move out of the shabby house. He replies he will decide that on his own. She asks if he overheard the conversation and he replies he heard from her love confession.

Sang-tae is angry as his brother lied. He keeps on repeating his brother lied and lying is bad. Kang-tae apologizes to his brother. He is still angry and asks why she is wearing his clothes. He said she borrowed it as her dresses are all soaked. Sang-tae asks why he didn’t give his dinosaur clothes to her. Kang-tae says he will give it to her next time.

Ju-ri mother brings food for Ju-ri and asks her to have some energy to cry as well. She recognises Moon and asks if she is her childhood friend. Ju-ri says she is not her friend and she is crying as he called only her name to stop the fight. He calls only her politely even though they are close. Ju-ri mother promises Kang-tae is not the type of guy to fool behind his brother’s back. Ju-ri mother and the whole neighborhood knows about her crush on Kang-tae. She asks her to confess her feelings and chase him to the world end until she gets an answer.

Manager is called to an emergency meeting. The reporter has recorded her entire conversation in the staircase. He is asking for a huge compensation else she may end up in prison. They want her to write a new book as they don’t have money.

Kang-tae is drinking with Jae-su. He asks lots of questions about Moon in his room and explains it’s dangerous if they date he might die. He reminds about their first meet where he got a knife injury from her. He asks him to avoid her at all costs. Kang-tae replies he is becoming forgetful as he forgot about his scars, butterflies and even his brother. He thanks Jae-su for keeping him in senses. Kang-tae returns home and hugs his brother. He says he likes him a lot and says he is everything to him.

Manager and art director visit Moon in her house. He says he used building deposit fund and paid all the overdue and employee severance pay. Art director says she is tricked to come here and says she didn’t get her severance pay yet. Manager says he is not broke yet as he had Moon still with him. She replies the mess is all because of him and asks him to leave the house as someone is soon gonna move with her.

Back to the hospital, we see all patients and nurses dancing to a music. A patient approaches Kang-tae and asks to speak with him alone. She says he is handsome and asks him if he has a girlfriend. He says he has no one. She says she will introduce her daughter to him when she visits her. He replies he will think about it and leaves the place.

Moon visits the Director and he apologizes for the suggestion of taking her dad for walks. She says it is a medical accident and may sue him. He asks to strangle him for this issue. She leaves saying he is crazy.

We see Ju-ri enquiry a patient is she saw someone in hallway outside Moon’s father room. She says it may be a ghost. The other patients replies it is auditory hallucinations and says it is not a ghost. Due to avoid confrontation she sides with a patient who says ghost does exist and the other patient slaps her .

She goes to rooftop and see Kang-tae standing there. They stand there and discuss about the past . He asks not to waste her emotions on him. She retaliate saying he is  rejecting her. She says she will still like him and asks him not to runaway because of her. Moon overhears the conversation and visit Sang-tae and asks him if he wants to have fun.

She takes Sang-tae to her house for some fun. Sang-tae likes the house and her as well.  Sang-tae is given as a job as an illustrator. As per the agreement he has to move in with her. He gladly agrees and gets drunk with Moon.

Kang-tae finds Sang-tae is missing and nurses from the hospital informs he left with Moon. He call her and she replies she has taken Sang-tae to the haunted castle and asks him to come and pick him up. She asks if he knows the direction. He says he shas been there on the day she saved him and he ran away from her. She asks if he knew if she is the same girl from the past. He replies he will be there soon.

Moon asks to tell a old story to Sang-tae. She tells story about herself who lived in an old castle. The girls mother always told her daughter that she is too special to live among people outside. The girl feel like she is imprisoned and prayed to the full moon every day to send her a beautiful prince to save her. We see younger Kang-tae waiting outside of castle to see Moon with flowers. Moon is excited and before she greets him, her mother blocks her way. She asks him to get lost and he leaves sad.

Kang-tae arrives at the castle and Moon stands at the same place and they stare at each other.


Lots of interesting developments in this episode. We get to see how Moon and Kang-tae lives are interwined from the past. Moon also helps Kang-tae opens his heart slowly even though he is trying to forget his painful past. Every episode has a fairy tale and I feel the writes have aligned each episode to the fairy tale. Ju-ri is heartbroken as all her one sided crush is crushed in the episode as Kang -tae doesn’t feel the same way. Sang-tae likes Moon a lot and he also becomes jealous in seeing Moon in Kang-tae clothes. Even though the entire publishing company is in trouble, Moon doesn’t care about anything even though her reputation is in line. The girl who doesn’t want to believe in promises tries to do for Kang-tae. It’s weird how love changes people. See you in the next recap people!!

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