It’s Okay to be Not Okay Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 : Zombie Kid

Opposition party protests the resignation of father of Gi-do after his ruckus at the election campaign. Kang-tae says he wants to have fun. Moon asks how she can help him. Kang-tae tries to leave saying he doesn’t remember what he said.

Moon asks him to compliment her as she did the right thing by kidnapping Gi-do Moreover Kang-tae did not stop him ,hence she did a right thing. Before Kang-tae answers, someone from assembly man campaign team asks them to brace themselves. He tries to hit Moon but Kang-tae stops the blow. Ju-ri arrives at the scene and says someone is looking for Kang-tae. Kang-tae asks Moon to stay there.

Gi-do says he is happy that all his wishes came true and asks him not to be angry with Moon as she drove him to the event. Gi-do father is taken in an ambulance while Ju-ri request one of the family member should come with Gi- do to physciartic hospital. His mom agrees. She slaps him and asks if he is satisfied with today’s events. She cries and ask why he has been acting out even though he is dumb and asks why can’t he be quiet and leaves.

Gi-do says he knows now his mom doesn’t hate him since she slapped him. Kang-tae asks if it is true. Gi-do controlling his tears says he is not upset as his mom slapped him affectionately. Flashback, we see Kang-tae mother hitting him for not staying with his brother all day. (Sang-tae is injured) She does everything to Sang-tae. She asks Kang-tae to take care of Sang-tae till his death and that’s why she gave birth to him.(Poor Kang-tae)

He accompanies Moon and asks Ju-ri to drive alone because he can’t leave her alone. Moon asks if he still wants to have fun she can kidnap him and will make his life magnificent. She adds she likes magnolia as the whole flower fall without any hesitation and hates flowers that fall by petal by petal. He laughs and says she has funny way of comparing things. He says he doesn’t like any flowers and he hates spring as they have to move again.

Mr.Lee is unhappy as the art director informs him the injunction against the book Zombie kid is approved. Hence all the sale should be stopped. He thinks hard and decide to take a business trip.

Kang-tae makes cup noodles for him and her as well. He gets a call and leaves the room. It’s her manager and asks if she ever mentioned about he being pretty and wanted him. He didn’t reply, the Manager says if she wanted it, she is hungry for it. She needs to write a new book as her latest book is banned and instead she is spending time with him. He asks him to stay alive as he will come and take her back.

Kang-tae asks if her book is banned because of what she did for her brother. She replies they banned as the story and illustration are too grotesque. She says he is right age and asks him to read the story and give her a opinion. He says he is too old for fairy tales.She replies they both are kids and touches his head and says he need to be loved.

We see there is meeting in the hospital as they may get sued for Gi-do escape. They want to fire Moon as she helped him escape and she doesn’t take her father for walk. Director asks Ju-ri if she knows Moon from the past and asks her opinion. She says they want to fire her as she doesn’t belong there. Director says he will decide based on the condition of the patient.

Moon asks Kang-tae to talk as she loves hearing him. He asks why she doesn’t take her father for a walk. She replies he has dementia and is a empty shell and she doesn’t want to waste time on something like that. She asks how his parents died and she knows as she did some background check on him to find the product born and expiration date. He asks if she sees people as products. She casually replies children ignore parents who becomes old and feeble and parents ignore children who are dumb and favour the child who they like. The same thing happened to Gi-do.

He suddenly stops her car and leaves her.She asks what he is angry about and he replies he unknowingly expected something from her even though she is different. He leaves her and she shouts ‘I love you’. He pauses for a moment and leaves. She keeps on repeating and he keeps on walking far from her.

Kang-tae picks Sang-tae from vocational school. He apologizes as he couldn’t find any art classes in the neighborhood. Sang-tae replies he will paint the hospital wall and he will make lots of money. They visit the art store and buy supplies. Sang-tae see a dinosaur block toys and says it is pretty and wants it. Kang-tae remembers his encounter with Moon about her wanting of pretty things.

Manager waits for her in her home. He asks her to come back to the hotel and write a new book. He says she is just a writer and not a celebrity so people will forget her already. He asks her to leave the place but she says she want to have fun here. He asks her to take rest and will meet her tomorrow

She is combing her hair in the mirror and we see her mother explains that she is her best creation and she loves her. We see younger girl standing outside the room and we see her mother died inside the room.

Manager visit Jae-su pizza place and thinks what bait he has to throw to bring Moon back to Seoul.Ju-ri enters the restaurant and Manager is stunned by her beauty. Manager invites her to join his table, she declines. They both speak to themselves that Moon shouldn’t be here.

Kwon Man-su father of Gi-do visits the director of the hospital. He asks the author , caregiver and the director to be summoned before him. Kang-tae request the reception not to call Moon and goes to visit the assembly man. The assembly man shouts at Kang-tae that they both purposely sabotage his reputation by using his son.Director replies his son has become better as he has released his pent up emotions and may be release soon. Assembly man shouts he will keep him locked in some other physciartic hospital as he is useless. Kang-tae asks if the children should be useful for their parents. Assembly man slaps him saying he is a mere caregiver

Director and Nurse Haeng-ja see the video. The entire incident is recorded in the CCTV and the director says he will use this video to blackmail the assembly man and will use it to punish the jerk who slapped his caregiver.

Sang-tae visits the place where he is going to paint and he runs into Moon.They both take selfies and Sang-tae is so excited. Ju-ri asks what she is doing here as she has no classes today. She wants to take her father for a walk and she wants to cool off the person who got angry over this issue. Kang-tae asks Sang-tae to wait in the lobby as he has to speak with Moon alone. Sang-tae says he don’t want it and Kang-tae loses his temper

Kang-tae drags Moon away as she asks about the slap on his cheeks and suggest he put up with it again. He asks why she is getting angry as if someone broke her heart. He asks for her feelings. He says she is all empty can and too loud. He says she is delusional and will never understand the day him till the day he dies.

Sang-tae is hiding in the kitchen as his brother shouted at him. Ju-ri mother who is chef at the hospital says she will bring him home along with her and asks Kang-tae to go home and wait for him.

Moon is waiting for her father in the garden. Ju-ri says she will come along with them for the first few times so that they can avoid anything bad. She asks her dad if all his memories are gone. Ju-ri asks her to stop provoking. Moon slowly whispers in her dad ears and asks what kind of person her daughter. His father remembers her and asks why she is still alive. Suddenly he tries to strangulate her shouting she should ‘Die, Monster’. Moon laughs while laying on the ground while other Nurse take her father away.

She thinks she shouldn’t have come here in first place and starts walking. Kang-tae boards the bus and see her walking alone in the streets. Kang-tae thinks about his harsh words towards her in his home. He is checking on Sang-tae bag and see Sang-tae drawing of her. He takes the Zombie kid book in the bag and starts reading.

‘A baby boy was born in a small village. He had a pale skin and large eyes. While raising the boy,his mother naturally came to the realization that he had no feelings.All he had was the desire to eat like a zombie.So his mother locked him up in the basement so that the villagers wouldn’t see him. And every night, she stole livestock from her neighbors to feed him.One night she’d steal a chicken, pig. It happened for a lot of years. Then one day, an epidemic broke out. It left the remaining animals dead, it also killed many people. Those who survived the epidemic left the village.But the mother couldn’t leave her son all alone.And to appease her son crying of hunger,she cut off one leg and gave it to him. After that it was her arm. When she was left with nothing but her torso, she embraced her son for the last time to let him devour what was left of her.With his both arms,the boy tightly held his mother’s torso and spoke for the first time in his life. Mom, you’re so warm.

Kang-tae remembers how his mother shared only her umberalla with Sang-tae and her blanket in the night with Sang-tae.He crawls near his mom and hugs her in the night. Kang-tae starts crying. Moon thinks what the boy really wanted was his hunger or his mother warmth.

Jae-su visits home and it starts raining. He overheard patients talking as Moon father choked her and caused a huge scene. Kang-tae borrows his motorcycle and goes in search for Moon. Moon is lost in thoughts and suddenly she see Kang-tae in motorcycle before her. They both stare at each other and he removes his jacket and covers her. She hugs him.


What a nice ending. Everyone will have a bad day and everyone will have a past. Even the cold hearted Moon who had a mom  who cherished her and her father who wanted to kill her. Kang-tae missed his mom’s love as she showered all her feelings over Sang-tae. It’s burdensome for Kang-tae to take a role as a grown up as he cared for his brother and for himself while growing up. Hence he put up with all sorts of embarrassment and suppressed his feelings inside. It is nice how Moon could guess and understand him. I personally think Moon can understand anyone by her way of handling Gi-do and her showcase of reality through books. But all people needs to be loved. Let’s hope in the future episodes how they both heal each other. See you in the next episode people!!

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