It’s Okay to be Not Okay Episode 3 Recap

Episode3: Sleeping Witch

Nurse Park Haeng-ja(played by Kang Young-Nam) spooks Kang-tae, the hospital is built after closing cemetery and the corridor light flickers. Kang-tae says he will notify the maintenance team. Nurse says he is fearless and leaves. We see Kang-tae and Moon meets and Ju-ri watches them from far.

Kang-tae says he doesn’t want to cross paths with Moon and asks why she is here. She replies that she never agreed with his condition and missed him. She says he grow up well and want to know him better and asks when he gets off work and asks him if there is a good restaurants nearby. He knows she won’t back off until she gets what she wants and asks her to take it and leave him. She casually replies she wants him. She likes him cause he is pretty like shoes , cars and she wants only pretty things.

We get introduced to the director Oh Ji-wang(played by Kim Chang-won) of the hospital. He says his father can’t recognise her because of his condition. He is also unable to treat him as he has brain tumor and mental health condition. He hears and sees many things and gets scared for no reason. After hearing these, she asks if she needs to hire an exorcist and perform a ritual. The director laughs and says he will write a prescription better than talisman or excorism. He asks Moon to take a literature class as a part of group therapy and she can take a walk with her father for 30 minutes as well. Moon leaves without a replay and the director says she has a temper.

Next scene, we see Kang-tae taking care of Moon’s father. The nearby patient suggests there is no resemblance between father and daughter. He adds she got her pretty looks from her mother. We see Kang-tae in the dressing room. She tries to touch him and he drags her along and tries to get her out of the room and we see Ju-ri seeing this sight. Ju-ri asks Moon to pretend that they don’t know each other. Ju-ri asks Moon how she knows Kang-tae. She says she can’t explain their relationship in a single word as each encounter turns out to be surprise or a inch away from death.

Moon tries to pick Kang-tae for dinner. Kang-tae says he has plans.She will visit Sang-tae and asks where he lives. He says her stubborn attitude may work with others but it doesn’t work with him. She asks if he is playing hard to get and leaves him and says next time she will kidnap him if he plays hard to get.

Moon visits her old home and explores the place. Manager says her old home once won the award for architecture but now it is a haunted house.(Actually it is like a ghost movie except the person in the house is fearless).

Kang-tae see Ju-ri in supermarket and they head along to home together. He is renting the place of Ju-ri. They have a barbeque with Sang-tae and Jae-su.We get introduced to Ju-ri mother Kang soon-deok(played by Kim Mi-kyung) who cares for Kang-tae by giving him extra food . Jae-su whispers to Sang-tae that Kang-tae is taken.

We see Moon sleeping in her room and she feels cold. They recite the sleeping princess story. Only a true man’s kiss will cure her curse. Suddenly some ghost(woman) appears and says only he could break her curse but not to get her hopes up too high as she will kill the prince.We see younger Moon standing in the dock and staring at the river and she hears a voice ‘Save me’ and someone rises from the water. (probably a nightmare)Moon shrugs in fear and she remembers the butterfly hug by Kang-tae and she does it(Cute).

Manager calls Moon and explains there are too many witnesses and the book signing event issue has become huge. He suggests she should cry her eyes out in a press release and he has even written her lines. She suggests him to use her father as an excuse for her disappearance as she has been taking care of him and may retire. Manager says its a good idea and people may want her back.

We see a new patient Gi-do greeted in the hospital. His father is assembly man of the district. Gi-do naked dancing on his confinement. Nurses say he suffer from ‘Manic syndrome’ and asks him to keep a close watch on him. Kang-tae gives him the hospital dress. While changing he explains that he went to a night club and when he was about to pay the bill his credit card was reported stolen( his dad did it!!). The club henchman chases him. He says since he has been running for a long time he became hot and he took off his clothes in the road and caused a huge accident. Min-seok is taken to the counseling room.

Jae-su has opened a pizza restaurant.We see Sang-tae doodling on the pizza and they get customers. Jae-su has promised Sang-tae that he will pay 10,000won for each caricature he draws(Kang-tae doesn’t know about this).

Kang-tae and other caretaker takes the patient to the therapy room. She is taking literature class and explains fairy tale is a cruel fantasy which illustrates brutality and violence in a paradoxical manner. She says that Karma will bite you hard if you covet a engaged man is the story about the ‘The Little mermaid’. She says fairy tale is a stimulant which shows reality and asks the patient to read fairy tales and asks them to wake up from reality. She asks them to ‘Be Happy’ .

Kang-tae arranges the chair in therapy rooms and Moon asks how was her class. He asks if it is okay to accept reality when the whole world thinks the other way. She asks him to accept the fact and can see his eyes burning with desire and says he is arrogant and she still likes him. She says she dreamt of him a few days back where he see Kang-tae hugging her from back. He leaves and she asks if he wants to sleep with him. All the patients and nurse seem to be in shock.

Kang-tae drags Moon to another room and asks not to play with him and he is sick of her jokes. She asks him to have fun and not to suppress his thoughts. He asks what she knows about him to speak like that. She replies ‘Hypocrite’. He looks startled and she asks him who in the world is completely perfect and leaves the room.

Sang-tae visits the hospital and Ju-ri receives him . When Ju-ri visits the reception to check on something, Sang-tae disappears. Sang-tae follows Moon who is leaving the hospital. Kang-tae says he is mistaken and takes him to visit the director of the hospital. Director tell him he draws well and Moon asks him if his brother said anything about butterflies. The director explains he will say to him one day while Sang-tae sits and draws his caricature.

Director takes him to a wall and asks him to draw an excellent view for him. Sang-tae asks how much he will get paid. He says it depends on his drawing. Director explains to Kang-tae that this is his prescription.

At home, Kang-tae asks why he is saving so much money. Sang-tae shows a poster about a camping car and he wants money to buy this car. He says if this car is bought they can move anywhere if the butterfly chases them instead of moving from one place to another. Kang-tae hugs his brother.

We see Gi-do escaping from the hospital and nurses tries to catch him. Kang-tae is driving along with Ju-ri and he is notified about his escape. We see him removing his gown before Moon. Moon says it is tiny and he says it is cold and covers him with his trench coat. She takes him in the car. Kang-tae stops the car by blocking himself in the road. She asks why he is always angry. He says she makes him get angry. She asks him to be careful and drives off with Gi-do.Kang-tae chases her in Ju-ri car leaving Ju-ri behind. Gi-do is shouting and says he is having fun. Kang-tae overtakes and asks her to pull over.

A chase takes place and they reach Gi-do father election rally. Moon asks Gi-do to have fun here. He gets on the stage and says he is the ugly duckling of the family and his father faints. Kang-tae arrives at the scene. Gi-do says he is stupid one in the family and that’s not his fault as he is born little dumb. His father locked him down as he caused troubles and didn’t study properly. He says he is also his child. He says he just wanted his attention and he cries and says he did lots of crazy things to get his attention.

He was dragged down from the stage. Kang-tae was stunned at his speech and sees how the truth made him smile. Kang-tae turns and asks Moon if he should have fun.


‘Fairy tale’ is a cruel fantasy. This show uses all the fairy tale and explains how the ugly truth is hidden in each story. Though we know the facts, we ignore and see only good things in a fairy tale. Even though everyone accuses Moon to be a crazy bitch, she has an attitude which only explains she is self-centred. I just don’t understand why people hate her in the series. Let’s hope Kang-tae becomes a safety pin for her. He shuts down all his emotions and cares only for his brother alone. The entry of his old love in his life not only makes his heart flutter but also jeopardize his entire world. The way he opens up to Moon to her stubborn attitude feels good. See you in the next recap!!

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