Best Con Artist Series in Korean! Don’t Miss it!!!

Synopsis Meet Lee Tae Joon a former insurance claims investigator turned scam strategist. Backed by a group of former criminals, they aim to bring to justice fellow thieves, grifters and con-men world-wide, who, otherwise, would not get their due, through the usual legal channels. Those who hide illegal activity behind their reputations and think they are above the law, soon become the target of mastermind Lee Tae Joon and his unusual team of talented experts. Type: Drama Episodes: 16 Aired: Oct 13, 2019 – Dec 8, 2019 My review I am a huge fan of Con artists and I have watched ‘White collar … Continue reading Best Con Artist Series in Korean! Don’t Miss it!!!

Alibi Kuzushi Uketamawarimasu (2020) -Japanese Drama Review and Talk

Synopsis Tokino Mitani runs a watch shop, located on a street far from the downtown area. She is 20-years-old and inherited the watch shop from her grandfather. Unknown to most, she is also an excellent private detective and offers an alibi cracking service. She can crack someone’s false alibi by using logic based on time and a watch and gets payed 5,000 yen for that service. Yoshiyuki Saji used to be an elite police officer, but he tried to uncover corruption within the police department. This caused Yoshiyuki Saji to receive a demotion to a police station in a rural … Continue reading Alibi Kuzushi Uketamawarimasu (2020) -Japanese Drama Review and Talk

What will you do if God appears before you? (Mookuthi Amman Movie Review)

Mookuthi Amman  is a 2020 Tamil language fantasy comedy film written and directed by RJ Balaji in his directorial debut. Co-directed by N. J. Saravanan, the film stars Nayanathara and Balaji, with Urvashi Smruthi Venkat, Madhu Mailankody, Abinaya. Release Date: November 14, 2020 Running … Continue reading What will you do if God appears before you? (Mookuthi Amman Movie Review)

Best Chinese Detective series Psych Hunter

” Your thoughts are the seed you plant”- Unknown Drama: Psych Hunter Episodes: 36 Aired: Nov 23, 2020 – Dec 16, 2020 Synopsis Jiang Shuo is in the business of buying houses and selling them. He crosses paths with Qin Yi Heng, a psychologist searching for his father, and Yuan Mu Qing who is the daughter of a general. Together, they partner up to fight against mysterious forces. Jiang Shuo suffers from amnesia but is well-versed in the affairs of the occult. Qin Yi Feng receives a letter that contains the countdown to Jiang Shuo’s time of death and evidence of his father’s … Continue reading Best Chinese Detective series Psych Hunter

Feeling Bored..?? Best 3 Romance Chinese Drama to Watch in November 2020

Chinese Drama are usually long. We can get at least a minimum of guaranteed 24 episodes of any series. So if the series is likable we can enjoy the story for maximum of 40 episodes. Herein my blog I am gonna give a great review of the 3 best chinese series. GENERAL’S LADY Drama: General’s Lady Episodes: 30 Aired: Oct 9, 2020 – Oct 31, 2020 Synopsis A notorious general and an aristocrat’s daughter hold each other’s hands to spend a lifetime together whilst protecting what’s precious to them. Shen Jin grew up in luxury as a member of the royal family. After … Continue reading Feeling Bored..?? Best 3 Romance Chinese Drama to Watch in November 2020

Alienist Season 1 Review

I am never a fan of a one case analysed in the entire series. But this series hooked me till end. Honestly I was able to finish in 2 days. I didn’t get to watch Season 2, but Season 1 is a must watch. The way they paced towards in finding the murderer is like an artist working on a blank sheet who was able to paint a beautiful portrait. Alienist is an archaic term for psychiatrist or psychologist. Story The first season is set in 1896, when a series of gruesome murders of boy prostitutes happen in New York city. … Continue reading Alienist Season 1 Review

Stranger Episode 10 Recap

Si-mok visits the Prosecutor office and finds the junior Prosecutor did not file a proper documentation for the death of the Prosecutor Park Gwang-su. Dong-jae subordinates points out they gave 3 files on March 14. Si-mok connects the dots and finds that Dong-jae should have brought these files to the Asst.Chief Woo. Si-mok requests Prosecutor Park Gwang-su next of kin contact number. Detective Jang and Yeo-jin visit the shop of Kim Su-hang aunt. They order some fritters and make some small talk with her. Yeo-jin excuses herself of using washroom and tries to find clues in the backyard. She finds … Continue reading Stranger Episode 10 Recap

Stranger Episode 9 Recap

Kim Sa-hyun conveys to Si-mok that Chief Woo is on edge as Dong-jae has gone missing and he also confirms that he did not give any order to dig dirt on Chief Choi. He personally asked him and got confirmation from him.The food arrives and when he is ready to eat, he gets a call from Yeo-jin that the killer has sent a message and he rushes to the station. Meanwhile the young detective checks the comments on the online post and finds the message. The entire police team gather before the bulletin board and discuss what the message meant. … Continue reading Stranger Episode 9 Recap

Stranger Episode 8 Recap

Yeo-jin drops Si-mok back at the place where Dong-jae had gone missing. Yeo-jin calls Chief Choi and confirms that Chief of Dongducheon police station had an alibi and he couldn’t have kidnapped Dong-jae. Si-mok returns back to office and see Sa-hyun working late. He explains he was acquainted to Lee Chang-jun once. Even though they barely knew each other, his death affected him a lot. So he asks if the missing Prosecutor case is tough to handle and asks him to speak out. Si-mok doesn’t say much and he leaves shortly. But he hears a ringing sound in his ears … Continue reading Stranger Episode 8 Recap

Stranger Episode 7 Recap

Won-Chul invites Si-mok for a drink. He asks him not to dig further into the hiring scandal of Assemblyman Nam son as it doesn’t do any good for the people who did not get the job and will affect Chief Woo as well. Si-mok explains he will see to the end of this issue. Won-Chul asks him to stay careful as he will not giving him any help. Ms.Lee thanks the CEO of Sungmoon Daily for supporting her in share holder meeting. It looks like the polls are on favour and she will remain as Chairman and CEO of Hanjo … Continue reading Stranger Episode 7 Recap